Looking for High EQ in Whites in-Equality

I have just happened across this video below and smile as I hear the virbration of racism and prejudice masked by reasonable discourse. Interesting the organisation is American Renaissance and he visited South Africa a country that has reflected apartheid (as do other countries, mine included in respect of Indigenous people). He makes reference to… Continue reading

Poles Shifting into a Unified Field of Feminine and Masculine

I’ve felt a disturbance within me on hearing a story about rape. I awoke deeply contemplating it. When this happens I know I will write something.  I just went over a previous blog on magnetic fields and somehow this links.

I don’t see life in a similar way as many logical others. As an… Continue reading

Can we find our way home through true compassion?

I pray for reconciliation between women and men, daughters and fathers, sisters and brothers.  May we hear each other with deep respect and heal the perceived differences and learn to truly love each other.  May we find equality in compassion.




I am… Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich: Why not US Truth and Reconciliation with Iraq?

This is a letter by Dennis Kucinich.  I think it is a great idea. 

My inner feeling today was the importance of democracy and truth.  It is very important that the people embrace the truth, face it and then recreate a stronger country.  This applies to Australia, Britain and all the… Continue reading

Reconciling Fairness in Cultural Dispossession

This poem was written after I wrote a paper and presented it in Bangkok. I was on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program. Each participant was asked to write a paper on their own country. When I researched aboriginal issues I found there was so much I didn’t realise. Such is the veil of… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”