Poles Shifting into a Unified Field of Feminine and Masculine

I’ve felt a disturbance within me on hearing a story about rape. I awoke deeply contemplating it. When this happens I know I will write something.  I just went over a previous blog on magnetic fields and somehow this links.

I don’t see life in a similar way as many logical others. As an artist I tend to feel my expression and I see all things in my field of vision as linked for a purpose, no mistakes.  Learning to see differently is about noticing outside of conditioned thinking patterns.  Artists tend to break out quite naturally as creatively we are seeking for something we can’t see but we feel it.

So I will write about this subject and see what enters the field of my consciousness.


I’ve just finished the poem and will expand on it.  I was amazed to discover that the feminine and masculine is related to the poles on the planet. In the poem I see humanity as part of this unified field theory, yet I call it fact as it is in physical life.   I see the imbalance across the planet as eminating from the imbalance between men and women primarily as this is the most common union on the planet. I feel to add any other coupling also features masculine and feminine, so diverse relationships are included.  This relationship at its epicentre or core is the actual stability of natural forces in harmony. Thus the family is the foundation of community.  It is not just people living together, it is an actual foundation. Thus when men and women or women and men are in disharmony then this sends out a frequency of imbalance which does indeed affect the planet, as we are not separate. The sum of the parts is the whole. Yet we think in terms of separation, this is the ego that cannot feel the intimate connections with life as it is predisposed with worries, thoughts, distractions, games, that take him out of the moment. I use him here but I do include females who are in the same space.  We find it very difficult to look into the mirror of self reflection because we may not like what we see. All the denials are really the dishonesty within us that refuses to face up or own up to our negativity that impacts others. Suppression of emotion is the real imbalance as these forces are held down and minimised, yet until they are normalised in balanced union within men and women both will suffer.  Rape is akin to forced sex, taking rather than giving, thinking this act is love when in truth it is the opposite of self love. Self love gives the best to itself, it is not selfish it is worthy.  Selfishness disconnects emotionally from others (consciously or unconsciously) and only seeks its own interests at the expense of others. Selfish people do not see the other.  Bullying or other types of abuse can only occur when disconnection or dishonesty separates.

I see the pole shift as reflective of the masculine and feminine seeking rebalancing. I see the planet as the rising feminine as that is the primary imbalance on the planet. Patriarchy is a power construct as is matriarchy.  This will have to disappear for the planet to regain its sense of homeostasis.  The love energy has been housed in the feminine as birthing children ensures love flows. Women tend to be very protective and feel this sense of oneness with their children as they came from their own bodies. This is a very powerful bond. When the male feels disconnected from this tripartite bond then a nuclear imbalance occurs in the energy field. They are all strongly attached energetically but they don’t realise it. They sense sadness at the loss, the feeling of emptiness or aloneness but they do not know energetically they are attached. Unresolved issues fester as anger and fear arises.  We are magnetically drawn to people to rediscover union or peace. That is why peace is very important in terms of educating children and reforming our future. Peace is not the absence of war it is in truth the reconciling of opposite forces as poles to orbit around love as the epicentre. The opposite forces are not removed they are accepted. This is the true stability. The more you fight against the more you create imbalance and the unhappiness that projects out is really unresolved inner conflict.  It can never come through economics or militarism, these human constructs simply create more imbalance as the underlying forces have not been integrated.  This in truth is ‘endless war’ which is occuring anyway but verbalised in catch phrases. This imbalance is felt in the universe as a string theory of vibration.   We are sending out vibes of discord. Life is aware.

That is what poetry teaches me.  The answers lay dormant within each person, we just have to be still to hear ourselves. The indigenous called this deep listening. That is what poetry is.

What I notice is that the poetry reaches for science to bring this back to love. This is the same thing as the feminine and masculine reuniting. For they are one and the same. This is peace in action.

Can you see and feel through me?

Oneness is our goal if we want to fulfill our desires, which ultimately return to love, some call this zero point.




The word ‘field’ is a recurring theme,

So I will flow with the field,

Is it of flowers or of magnetics?

What is this pull that moves without thinking?

Is it conscience or consciousness?

Can I feel for what I am aware of?

As all is interconnected.


I just left this poem as I became aware of breakfast


From within my deepest thought I felt the pull hooking,

Without thinking I moved from the keyboard,

The food is ready just in time,

How did I know my life is a rhyme?


Is life conscious and unconscious?

Can we awaken from our dreams?

To be conscious of who we have been?

Perhaps what we will become?

Awareness is not thought,

It expands beyond place and time,

It is a magnetic field of great attraction,

Some call it the law of attraction,

For like attracts,

Perhaps it is the strings in my bow,

That I will call cupid,

Whatever it is,

It is not stupid.


So what does this mean like attracts?

There is something in your field,

Is it thorns or flowers?

Positive or negative?

Flowers permeate the aroma of joy to pollinate nature,

It opens to the utter beauty of a moment allowing love to full fill and nourish,

This is what it means to flourish,

And when love in all its expressions realises this state of being,

Rape will never be seen,

On this planet.


So what of the thorns?

What of the horns?

A crown of thorns puncturing negative thoughts,

Draining the energy field of life force essence, 

Corals become bleached,

The colour is leached,

As negativity overtakes by force,

Occupies territory without consent,

Disconnecting from nature the very point of light,

To emotionally close down to:




For all perceived objects are controlled possessions,

Yet nothing in life can be possessed, controlled or restricted,

For even your belief in the self is transient,

Even you fear you will not exist,

For you do not know you cannot force life to bend to your will,

Emotional disconnection is not your buffer,

For always you will suffer,

As the other screams, agonises and revolts,

As the pain is so great,

Within you.


Energetically some may call this war,

Opposite sides contrasting in a struggle for power or truth,

It can be the battle of the sexes,

It can be warring tribes,

Clashing ideologies,

Religious conquest,

Where one is the object,

The other the subject,

An inquisition purging what is evil,

Brutality, rape and torturing to death,

Yet what if evil purges and projects destruction?

Its truth denied,

As it lies in shadows,

A veritable hell,

Avoiding the scrutiny of the light,

Pretending to be right,

Serving self interest as the highest self indulgence,

A glee club of co-conspirators exacting punishment in certitude,

Cloaked in an attitude of entitlement without gratitude,

As Patriarchy is not about men,

It is the self imposed title of dominion over all things,

Arising from the distortion of seeking the holy grail in hidden treasure,

As the roundtable tranformed into a square peg,

As Kings tourniquet freed the Magna Carta,

Yea the winners cup was never about the glory of celebrated power,

but the humility of real love,

For this is the dove,

That nestles in peace.


Dominance of the feminine by the masculine,

Is at the heart of this inquiry,

For the heart is inquiring into the nature of this imbalance,

That is magnetic yet repulsed,

Attractive yet ugly,

The family unit embedded at the epicentre of union,

And union is balanced fields magnetised,

The strongest bond that cannot be broken,

It is the power of community or common unity,

Yet when they live poles apart the field weakens overtime,

Children grow up without a balanced son,

The epicentre of neutrality is clashing electrons and protons,

A nuclear peptide bond of magnetic resonance broken,

Unleashing great destruction,

As the sub-atomic energy of the feminine and masculine mis-align,

Disruption, conflict and the power of abuse arises in dysfunction,

As one seeks to take love by force,

Force love to be taken,

For he is unable to force her to love,

So he looks for love in hidden pleasures that he can never realise,

Looking in all the wrong places as guilt befriends,

For the truth always was concealed within his very own self,

As the mirror reflects this magnetic contortion from its true nature,

A hall of mirrors in a maze of confusion,

He cannot look in to his own face without constructing a deniable theorem,

Or he may reveal the missing link in the chain gang,

The empty cavern devoid of an exit strategy,

A dark hole pulling in all light from all directions,

So dense and void.


The universal vortex spinning from within and without,

A Synergistic Energy Exchange is the SEX of perfect balance,

For stability and order depend on all parts knowing the whole,

And if this exchange is not in harmony,

Hell has no fury like a thorn that turns as it burns,

For the enemy is never without it is within this story,

A mirror image of God himself?

Or man playing God in search of inner power?

Yet the real God is a ceaseless creator powerless and free,

For harmony is the seed of effortlessness,

Emptied of greed,

The free wheel keeps on turning to keep on learning, 

Some call it Karma,

Yet the only exit from this wheel is unconditional,

Thus no conditions to love,

Realising the eternal,

And this is the love in action,

That needs no incentive to move,

As love never spins and gets no where (now here).


So my friends we appear separate yet we are One,

We appear in conflict yet we are love,

For love can only surface visibly when you see love in the other,

And the other is your very self,

For to rape yourself is to keep yourself in continual denial of truth and freedom,

And it is only truth that sets all free,

To see all harm is self harm,

And this is the magnetic field that is out of balance with the yin and yang,

For to rebalance the earth ship is to know the masculine and feminine is intrinsic

to perpetual motion,

For this is the ocean wave and current,

Magnetising equilibrium,

Thus normalising what is equal.


Patriarchy and Matriarchy are no longer bed fellows on this new earth,

As dominant control was always the false economy of the power-less,

To reunite the opposites is to balance the Statue of Liberty blind to discrimination,

Reuniting what has been poles apart,

Or they will flip out,

For both aspects reside within every persona,

This is the completion of soul mate lovers,

For unification can only occur within,

If it is to be seen with OUT,

As I make peace with the masculine,

And he makes peace with the feminine,

Union create a unified field theory as fact,

And this is the pact,

We came to learn,

As heaven,

On earth.







Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”