Jane Elliott Made A Difference in Raising Awareness about Racism

Her work is critical as we only learn from experience.  The issue of discrimination is still prevalent in our world.  The only way this stops is when awareness is raised to how it feels.  It is through empathy that we can see our shared humanity.  When we feel no empathy then we disconnect and divide.  I see no-one as less than me.  I see everyone as a teacher.

Jane Elliott is incredibly honest and is one of the greatest teachers in the United States.  How many teachers are teaching this?  Very few.

How do we treat Indigneous people in Australia.  If people see them as racist, who taught them?  Whenever we treat people on the basis of a characteristic to disempower them we are suppressing them. Suppression of emotion causes depression, it is a health and safety issue and it is a moral issue.  What does equality look like.  It opens opportunities on the basis of merit.  All will be respected for existing rather than conforming or complying.

In the US today the issue of Mexican’s is raised as Donald Trump advocates for a wall to be built, similar to the Israeli’s in their treatment of the Palestinians and the wall around them.  Ironically her work was inspired by the Jewish Holocaust a lesson those in leadership appear to not have learned in how they treat others. We regard the ‘other’ as the enemy and then we justify horrendous treatment.  This could be ‘muslims’, this could be ‘refugees’, this could be the ‘unemployed’.  We treat people as if they have no rights.  This is how it feels.

I would like to see universities make a real transformative difference rather than online only I’d love to see investment in teachers that provide experiential education and utilise academic research to investigate the experiments.  That is holistic thinking and feeling.  This is how we reach for higher intelligence.

In my REAL HOPE program I divide the children by eye colour in the ‘oneness’ session.  Refer http://schools.worldpeacefull.com/anti-bullying/

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”