Homelessness is a Call for Action

Launch Housing produced this video.  It is the most important issue of our time as it is not just about not having a house it is about non-regulation of housing ownership, it is about no pricing ceiling and selling off houses, inequities in Centrelink and the Job Providers, it is about attitudes that value those working and deminish those who are not.  Homelessness is really about all Australians as it could not exist if people did not accept it as a fact of life.  It is at its essence about caring for others as your neighbour.

If it was your family member would you ignore them?  Some of course do.  But let’s change that and create a real social conscience to help others.  I send love to all.

My video is below.  I don’t want your coins I want CHANGE.




Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”