Shooter Games Friendly Fire or Training?

The video is a shooter game.  The person’s words are recorded below.  Listen to the young man, his language and the objective of killing. 

Here are some links to educate and awaken the idea that war is not a game.

This footage in this article looks like shooter footage, yet is is a real situation.  There has to be a public conversation about violent video games and war.  Is it appropriate for young boys to learn violence as fun in this way.  The reality on the ground is far different.

Compare the real footage with the games. There are complicated questions.  Is this murder or defence or an accident?  Is it solving the problem of terrorism or is this endless war or is there another way?

I ask what is the boy learning? 

There is no blood, no consequence?

Is the boy seeing an object or a living being?

What does emotional detachment when simulating violence do to young boys?

What does it teach?

What do we want boys to learn?

What do we want young boys to feel?

What type of men do we want them to grow into?

Why can we not create peacemaking games where boys learn how to problem solve and saving lives becomes the hero. How do we create situations where they learn of the complex implications from murder – family despair, cultural hatred, PTSD for soldiers, rings of violence begets violence etc. How do we solve the problem of war as violence and make a space for peacemakers to come in and heal wounds, to map solutions e.g. education, peace building, mediating situations, finding middle ground, learning respect etc. 

Human life is precious do you know that 90% of fatalities in war are civilian, this is a tragedy. The pain for families is unbearable. Is war appropriate in civilian areas? 

Why are men at war?



Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”