Perspectives on JFK Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

In the public interest.

I feel the spirit of JFK in this moment.  Below Shakespeare is mentioned, in the spirit of Shakespeare I will add my poem.

Shakespearean Fools Love Without Abandon

I found this article and copied an excerpt. Imagine the trauma Jackie felt watch the man she loved, murdered. Is this democracy… Continue reading

Transcript of Ex NSA, CIA Associate of Chemtrails and Scalar Weapons

This is an interesting article, the interviewee appears credible. I know people will feel frightened and disillusioned.  I am tired at this moment but feel inspired around this.   I continue to see what is put out comes back.  I know that those causing harm to others will experience this return to… Continue reading

Foreign Interference via CIA and PM Whitlam Downfall a Zero Sum Game

The history of Australian/American relationship.  Australia was British domain.   ASIO  had been working with the CIA.  They passed dossiers, concerning every member of the Labor party, union leaders, peace activists – not because they are engaged in criminality it is because they have a ‘social’ orientation.  This for me… Continue reading

The CIA’s Infiltration of the Media to Control Public Opinion

The public knowledge of corruption is the real fear of government.  There are relationships between government and media that are not neutral nor in the public interest. Evidence pertaining to this should go before a neutral judge and media companies delisted.  It should carry a high penalty as it goes to the heart… Continue reading

Ex CIA Robert David Steele on War in the Middle East, Responsibility and Peace

I’ve just listened to this and it is an interesting interview with Robert Steele, an ex-CIA operative and his views in respect of the Middle East, responsibility for 911, power elites and environmental issues.There are many whistle-blowers coming out and speaking about their perspective of the truth.  He has a positive view on peace… Continue reading

Drugs, CIA and the Courage of Journalists Finding the Truth is the Life

Investigative journalism is indeed a risky profession but you will find they are peopled by those dedicated to truth and driven to expose deception.  What would our world be like if everyone was too scared to say anything.  Unchecked power has to be checked as people are harmed if it is allowed to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”