Foreign Interference via CIA and PM Whitlam Downfall a Zero Sum Game

The history of Australian/American relationship.  Australia was British domain.   ASIO  had been working with the CIA.  They passed dossiers, concerning every member of the Labor party, union leaders, peace activists – not because they are engaged in criminality it is because they have a ‘social’ orientation.  This for me is the distortion caused by the war with the USSR and the idea of socialism.  Australia was not socialist we just had a few leaders who put the needs of the people first, to actually govern as representatives, which I would think is the purpose of a democracy.  This video makes clear of the CIA illegal activity, including the drug trade to finance their covert operations.

So who stands for democracy?  What of the founding fathers?  What of security and peace?  What of the people and the planet? What of your children and grandchildren.  Is there a possibility that the past can be looked at through a new filter, not one of – she’s an enemy or he’s an enemy because the past has been made visible.  But what if – life is bringing this video to you to reflect on who you are, what you stand for, can you accept a dark past and change.  I feel Trump is part of that mirror.

I personally see no left and right and if I feel tempted to use labels, which I have to at times in order to mirror the narrative.  I know it is illusionary and creates divisions that need not exist.  Somewhat like Great Britain learning to become the United Kingdom, to drop empire, to drop great and just be who you are.  Clearly the past is extensions of power, what will the future be?  Is the US only great because of economic mantras of growth and the belief that this is power?  What if there was greatness in other places, what if wisdom arose out of the ashes of deception?

I wish for greatness, but real greatness.  I also wish for the truth to emerge, the real truth, so we the people can deal with the complex problems that have been done overtly and covertly in our name.  We need to understand the truth not to play the game of enemy and downfall but to create a new game of where from here?

Foreign interference in any country is not in their nations interests.  Using drugs to fund violence is not in the interests of those who do it.  Look at the drug problem with the youth in the United States. It comes back to you.  I recall Byron Katie having ants running up her arm and she watched her hand squash them.  She then asked her daughter to buy Ant Hotels.  All us peace loving folk would not like that poisoning the ants.  So her daughter did it.  As the ants were killed more ants came and invaded her hair.  She made the point of all comes home to roost.  This is wisdom.  There is no war other then the war that fear generates in search of power.  The real power is in the wisdom to see that what we do to others we do to ourselves.  Former Secretary of Defence Robert MacNamara spoke of the fog of war.  That was Vietnam.  An Australian Prime Minister is brought down on the basis of poor intelligence regarding Vietnam because he wants to withdraw troops, which in the end the US did.  So when does the finger turn back to itself and look into the mirror of its mistakes and foreign interference and admit ‘it was me!’.  That is courage.

The denial and the group think that operates in intelligence is not serving its true interests in my view.  Rather than viewing any form of opposition as a threat or enemy why not look into the fear that causes that thought to come.  These are thoughts, thoughts are not reality, they are beliefs we hold onto to ensure we are ‘right’.  This need to be ‘right’ is the feeling of power that fends of powerlessness and vulnerability.  When you get clear about how the mind plays with all of us, you can then see through the fog of war to a clearer future, where we do not need war.  But then those who have invested millions, billions, trillions in war will jump up and down as they believe (there is that word again) that there security depends on it.  What if the opposite is true?  Critical thinking and lateral thinking are not practiced as every one jumps on thoughts, media spin, political distortion and says this is true.  Most of it is not in my view.  I realise mostly I am wrong, I struggle to give insights but when you go deep into truth you realise we make up our stories to be right to feel power and on the merry go round we go again.  To find real security is to allow oneself to be vulnerable to find that life may well deliver a different outcome.  What you resist persists what you look at disappears.  This is a truism, when you face what you fear with courage you see right through it.  Can you find courage to sit with truth without a story?  When you can then the greatness is there and interestingly enough you no longer care to be great.  You realise it is life that is truly inspirational and you are on this journey believing you have control when you never had it.  True freedom is in knowing this.  You need not fight for it, as you have it when you free yourself from fear.

This is the cosmic joke. I laugh at myself a lot now.  Maybe one day we laugh together, for the sheer joy of realisation.

Here is the video about CIA, MI6, ASIO and the fall of the Australian Government.  When you listen and watch, listen to the narrative, ask yourself -is that true?  Overtime our truths change as we evolve.  The truth does set you free.  We are moving into a time of great change, all will come up from the dark recesses we hid from ourselves on the personal to the global levels for examination.  Use this awakening to find your own truth and then try and live it.  For me democracy is alive, in me.

It is interesting to learn about the Nugan Hand Bank’s activities as a front for the CIA and I note a very young Rupert Murdoch.  Its funny to hear him say he enjoyed the feeling of power. He saw the opposite as well in being a power for evil.  He acknowledges the press should not be one sided (hmmm).  He says to speak as he pleases and not bully the community. He acknowledges his interference with editors policies.

After the dismissal Whitlam makes the point we will not yield to blackmail or be panicked or turnover the government of this country to vested interests, pressure groups and newspaper proprietors whose tactics would destroy the standards and traditions of parliamentary government.

That says it all.  the video finishes with ex-CIA Victor Marchetti’s statement about the situation as similar to Chile, where they got rid of a government.  How would they feel if we did it to them?  Thee would be a huge cry out, interference and anger.  I think the United States has to look inward.  That is certainly the message I am feeling tonight.

I love my country but it saddens me when I realise that democracy, such an honoured principled form of leadership, was seen as chips in a casino, to be gambled away for self interest.  There was no understanding of the other people sitting at the table, there was no game where all win at this table.  Imagine if we put all hands above boards, what we would see.  Ourselves in each other?  That is the true meaning of a zero sum game.  It is time to awaken to our own foolishness.  It won’t pay off as life is circular.

I always feel to send love to all.  May the Australian/American relationship mature to one of equals with real respect for the sovereignty and wishes of partners, without the rhetoric. This is true friendship and it is what I offer Americans.  When you reach back, the pie expands.  This pie is more akin to breaking bread, it is in sharing that we grow, it is in growing that maturity like the apple (not the computer Apple) falls from the tree.  Gravity has its own wise timing.




Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”