How Fair is Political/Employer Influence in the Fair Work Commission?

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Speaks Truth About Syria on CBNC?

Syria:  600,000 killed, 14 million displaced (Admiral statement)

Listening carefully, note the critical thinking of the commentators.  Look beyond words and really listen to what is being said.  Ask questions.  Ask – is it true?

The interviewees are an Admiral and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Centre for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute from… Continue reading

Our World is Under Pressure

People need to express.  People need to be heard.  People need to break free when under intense pressure.  If this is unheard like any pressure cooker the lid will blow.  When I studied Peace Studies we discussed the pressure cooker scenario and the importance of community expression to release pressure.

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Defence White Paper Stated Fears of Dependency on Asian Fuel Imports or Strategic Access to Oil and Gas?

These reflections have taken me a long time to navigate through as I found it quite illogical to read.  It is a 2016 ABC post but feels relevant today.  I felt to explore the message in the article from a peace perspective asking questions in my global agora as the public are never… Continue reading

Serco taking from the Imprisoned Poor to Give to the Homeless Poor?

I worked in a correctional jail in Queensland for the Department of Corrections.  I recall walking in and hearing the big door close.  It was an eery feeling. I wondered what it would be like to lose your freedom. What if you were innocent? What if you were guilty? Would this reform you… Continue reading

Donald Trump 60 Minutes To Midnight

Words are powerful. You can see into the mask of words and the fears and strategy as it plays out then manifests.  What you believe manifests in your world.  What do you believe?

Some words I extracted from the 60 Minutes interview.  I noted the women didn’t speak.  

Conduct myself in… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”