Economic and Social Inequality is the Core Problem

The seeds we plant we reap as they say. The oneness that I mention in this blog is to do with regarding the other as the self.  This means what we do to others we do to ourselves.  The great divisions we see are when we suppress, discriminate, abuse and disadvantage others in… Continue reading

Economic Collapse Blows the Bubble

I now understand why fascism is on the rise. Yet that will not solve the problem of collapse.  We need to move in the opposite direction of building community, self reliance, ecological balance, social responsibility and unplugging from the IT which is the real cone of silence (bubble). As each person lives in silos… Continue reading

Donald Trump 60 Minutes To Midnight

Words are powerful. You can see into the mask of words and the fears and strategy as it plays out then manifests.  What you believe manifests in your world.  What do you believe?

Some words I extracted from the 60 Minutes interview.  I noted the women didn’t speak.  

Conduct myself in… Continue reading

Earth Changes: Melting Ice

I was investigating the Petermann Glacier. Here are pictures from NASA.


July 27, 2012

Closeup of the Ice Island from Petermann Glacier

Closeup of the Ice Island from Petermann Glacier

In July 2012, a massive ice island broke free of the Petermann Glacier in northwestern Greenland. On July 16, the giant iceberg could be seen drifting down the fjord,… Continue reading

Life is a Mirror – Fears Coming Up – Who Are You?

I just felt to allow the words to flow.

I had a realisation as I study the Law of One, fears must come up at this time for people to really face themselves.  We as a global community live normally in denial of our discrimination’s, prejudices and resistance to diversity.  We decide if… Continue reading

NASA Funded Study on Civilisation Collapse linked to Inequality

I found this article below interesting as in the previous article on Indonesia I was reflecting on the land seizure by the Indonesian Government of indigenous lands. I was reflecting on the superiority and inequality the Government clearly felt which justified for them the need to take 70% of the land. This was then leased… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”