Donald Trump 60 Minutes To Midnight

Words are powerful. You can see into the mask of words and the fears and strategy as it plays out then manifests.  What you believe manifests in your world.  What do you believe?

Some words I extracted from the 60 Minutes interview.  I noted the women didn’t speak.  

Conduct myself in a very good manner.  Depends on what the situation is. Sometimes you have to be rougher. (Is rougher shared interest or self interest?)

Various places are taking advantage of our country. (Would that suggest the US is not?)

America First (How can they come first? In what way?)

We are losing this country. That’s why I won the election. (In what way is the country losing?)

I won easily. (Was that because of the belief of losing this country?)

Sometimes you need a certain rhetoric just to get people motivated. (What is the rhetoric used? Motivated in what way? What is the goal?)

Don’t want to be a little nice monotone character  (can you be?) easily. (Does he want to be seen and heard?)

(demonstrations) tell them don’t be afraid. We are going to bring our country back. (From where to where?)

(interviewer) Harassing Latinos, Muslims

So saddened to hear that … stop it… if it helps (Which is tougher, which is rhetoric?)

Horrible, built up by the press, take every single little incident … make it into an event … way the press is (What is the press actually doing in its reporting? War or peace? Is this true?)

(fear son)  Fear totally unfounded. (Is fear totally unfounded in truth? Which voice do you listen to?)

(LGBTQ) I’ve been a supporter.  (In what way?)

(son) Presidential…father can be a fighter, this country needs a fighter, I think this is what this country elected.  
(Is that true? Is fighing what is needed or peace given the environmental and economic situations. Will fighting resolve problems? Is fighting unconscious? Does fighting find an enemy? Is this what is needed or has it been the modus operandi of US policy? I wonder when the fighting will finally stop?).  

I am looking at the language for where it is divisive or unifying.  I am looking for words of fear or love?  Fear is false evidence appearing real (threats etc.), love is sharing, caring, revealing and healing.  I am playing with questions. I feel the old paradigm is in its last story.

What is the figure of a real leader?  

Is a leader tough, rhetorical, uncompromising, fighting, winner etc. Or is a leader a person who has mastered him or herself?  Is this person one who knows himself?  Those who are conscious look at themselves for any discord, they seek out the problem within.  Those who are unconscious look at the world for the problem. They will seek to destroy that problem to feel better.  

As a wise man once said “It is not about feeling good but getting good at feeling”.  

Bullying typically comes from powerlessness and disconnection.  It exhibits insensitivity because a person is so blocked emotionally hence they no longer feel the pain of others.  Often males exhibit this as they are trained that feeling is weak.  There is an unconscious belief that if we soften to join with others we are weakening, in truth we are joining. It is the beginning of unity, a sense of oneness.

It was an ancient wise one who said:

It is the duty of those who can see to tell the blind man on a blind horse that he is heading for the abyss.”

A blind person is one who cannot see the implications of his own actions, he is not tuned into knowing himself.  Philosophers say: ‘Know Thyself’.  This is a wise statement. When you know yourself then you can look into others and gain a sense of understanding. When we are reactive and not contemplative we tend to repeat the same problem over again as if sleep walking. Unconsciousness is humanity asleep. Ignorance is another word for the same state of being.

Perhaps his purpose in this life is to motivate others as he says? Perhaps this is an important time in the US his-tory to work out who they really are?  Are they the Americans of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness or are they about making money at the expense of all liberties?   Do they live in fear or love? Is wealth greatness or are virtues greatness? Is free market capitalism democracy? Is democracy sharing power or buying power?  Is security defence (fear) or is it inner security (fearlessness)? Are decisions moved by a sense of shared humanity or greed as self interest (fear)?  Which has a future?

This is a decision point for all in humanity.  It is simply the face of what has been valued which has its mirror in all countries as capitalism/dictatorship/totalitarianism spreads.  Are there deeper values in humanity? Is there a real meaning to this life then manufacturing consent and a perception of unlimited resources? What would responsibility and empathy look like? What decisions arise from these bases?

You choose as this is the cosmic polling booth we are standing in together. The universal Law of Attraction will bring to you what you focus on repeatedly.  Perhaps focus on what you truly want rather than what you don’t want. Always we are free to choose.  You always get what you ask for albeit fear or love, focus is the vote.  

Therefore, the finger pointing outwards in blame turns inward. All ways.

Perhaps there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  What do you think? Are you afraid?  I am not. I am curious to see what you will do and become in the mirror of what you fear.  I wonder what love will do next?



Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”