Re-Membering Unity As Solar Power

This poem is written as a meditation re-membering unity across the world in a global meditation focusing on unity consciousness.  We move through the portal of greater awareness to re-member we are ONE with all.  There is no movement only stillness in recognition of what is so. There is no revolution, there is no warning flares, there is no drama as life has its own rhythm as it sings silently the uni-verse of ONE-ness.  Join in this song in silence as peace, love and unity are the frequency of great change here on this discordant planet. From darkness emerges light of awareness. Light is in-formation that is higher knowledge awakening from slumber. There is no us or them only us at different points of dreaming.  Listening deeply is moving out of the noise and busy-ness (business) to really listen to the heart of our civilisation.  For we are the awakened dreaming the awakening as a total eclipse. We are all awakening to a new dawn, a new realisation, that we truly are ONE.  I send all love, peace and unity.




At 4am I begin my meditation,

I re-member unity

Begins in the silence,

I am nestled in the mountains,

I am breathing in love,

I am breathing out unity,

I see peace on earth in my minds eye,

For this is the only spy satellite that can see,



What is unity?

It is the silent centre,

As the stillness descends in misty clouds,

I am the mountain that is still without shadow,

There is no noise only life murmuring,

Nature sending signals,

I hear the rooster crowing at 4.25am,

As a clarion call announcing the solar eclipse across the sleepy commons,

A spiral portal of unity that sends shivers,

As the sun sends a SMS coronial display of solar flares into the uni-verse,

The ONE song,

A Galactic Centre,

Radiating a halo effect of new beginnings,

For we are not left or right without REAL HOPE,

This is the universal geometric value of good will (god’s will) re-cycling,

This is the unity frequency of great en=lighten=ment,

Ascending beyond space and time in all directions,

For we are ONE with all life,

We are life which is ONE.


We are:

ONE breath,

ONE love,

ONE family,

ONE world,

ONE cosmos,

Returning to ONE,

Zero point.


As dramas fade like nightmares into darkness,

The candle light enlightens the darkness,

Re-minding …

Our happy destiny was never uncertain,

Yet it is in facing uncertainty that the light of the sun re-kindles happiness,

The Light emerges as the moon wanes,

The sunlight expands,

As light is in-formation,

For we are riding on the wave of unity,

Within a contextual reality of infinity,

And we are returning home through a portal of greater understanding,

Of Who We Really Are,

And this is natures calling,

Beyond all control and manipulation as pure essence,

For we were never roles or status in matrices of busy-ness,

We are the spiral travelling on the soul’s journey from the origin to infinity,

As in each winding we grow in awareness of our magnificent reflection,

In every face, tree, rock, flower, cloud, soil, air, rain, wind and fire,

This awareness opens the sustainability frequency that honours all life forms.


The ONE in the many,

It is unlimited,

Without perimeters,

As expansion becomes contractions,

A rebirthing of consciousness,

Recalibrating to a higher neural network,

Allowing all divisions to wane,

As unity arises to join hands in celebration,

That home is where the heart is,

And angels never leave …


For in your eyes I see me,

In my eyes I see you,


…As we reconcile thousands of years in a grain of sand,

To realise we are the beach and the ocean,

Of infinite potentiality,

For this is the sanity and sanctity of all life,

In an activation of unity,

Bestowed on your upturned face,

As enlightenment,

Peace OM Shanti

And So It IS.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”