Bringing Shared Ethics to Mediation to Transform Conflict

Bringing Shared Ethics to the Table: 

Creative Problem Solving and Transformative Mediation

as Tools for Resolution of Controversial Conflicts


Terri L. Kelly

Department of Conflict Resolution

Portland State University

Suggested citation:

Kelly, T. L. (1999). “Bringing Shared Ethics to the Table: Creative Problem Solving and Transformative Mediation as Tools for Resolution of… Continue reading

James Twyman Worldwide Meditation for Peaceful Resolution In North Korea

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James Twyman Traveling to Korea

for Worldwide Mediation for Peace

September 16th, Noon EST


As you know, the world is in the midst of the most dangerous standoffs since the Cuban Missile Crisis. With the detonation of another hydrogen bomb in North… Continue reading

Re-Membering Unity As Solar Power

This poem is written as a meditation re-membering unity across the world in a global meditation focusing on unity consciousness.  We move through the portal of greater awareness to re-member we are ONE with all.  There is no movement only stillness in recognition of what is so. There is no revolution, there is… Continue reading

Win/win: Interest Based Bargaining

We can all win when we see that as we expand the pie of understanding, we all expand our own sphere of influence, knowledge and confidence.  I am a true believer in finding ways where everyone can win.  The first step is opening the mind to share and to understand that you may… Continue reading

How Effective is International Mediation in Resolving The Middle East Peace Process?

I am not sure who wrote this but I found it interesting.  It was sitting on my hard drive.   However it provides a good overview of the Middle East conflict and issues with applying mediation.  I believe if mediation was taught to every family member, the larger scale conflicts would de-escalate quickly… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”