Jordan Petersen on Brett Kavanaugh and His Views

This is just a flow of consciousness in response to listening to Jordan. I am open to all views and weigh it on balance to find what is true for me. It comes from inner navigation where I feel for the middle as justice is accommodation (both sides) which is natural harmony.  I just… Continue reading

Brett Kavenaugh the Right Judge for the Supreme Court

The Division of Service to Self

Overnight I had another insights in respect of the dichotomy of left and right.  The duality of the world divides into two camps essentially.  One is service to self the other is service to others.  This the contrast, the tension that creates innovation.  Traditionally the left was cast in the light… Continue reading

Arrest of Saudi Arabian Feminists

Changing values clash with traditional values and belief systems.  This appears connected to the #metoo movement which is a global movement of women seeking to assert their equality.  The issue of equality is evident in western countries as well given sexual harassment issues.  Freedom is expressing from a global perspective.

We are… Continue reading

Gender Differences or Superiority in the Classroom?

I know when I went to school I didn’t read a book until I was 17.  I was dyslexic and when very young used to get my words back to front, even spoken for many years (did it here as I didn’t write spoken ‘words’).  I was told I was not intelligent and… Continue reading

Why is there a Gender Gap?

How would you feel if you were paid less, given less opportunities due to a perceived characteristic?

What happens when all people, regardless of a difference are given truly equal opportunity, that is when the world reaches for infinite possibilities.

What we miss when we focus on the gender wage gap

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”