Jordan Petersen on Brett Kavanaugh and His Views

This is just a flow of consciousness in response to listening to Jordan. I am open to all views and weigh it on balance to find what is true for me. It comes from inner navigation where I feel for the middle as justice is accommodation (both sides) which is natural harmony.  I just felt that.

He is catalysing reflection, that is a good outcome regardless of specific views.  I don’t think it is about equality of outcome it is more about outcomes are infinite possibilities and you get to choose.  That is intent = outcome.

Here is a poem by Dr. Muller I just felt inspired to add:

“Decide to be happy. Render others happy. Proclaim your joy. Love passionately your miraculous life. Do not listen to promises. Do not wait for a better world. Be grateful for every moment of life. Switch on and keep on the positive buttons in yourself; those marked optimism, serenity, confidence, positive thinking, love. Pray and thank God every day. Meditate – Smile – Laugh – Whistle – Sing – Dance. Look with fascination at everything. Fill your lungs and heart with liberty. Be yourself fully and immensely. Act like a king or queen unto Death. Feel God in you body, mind, heart, and soul. And be convinced of eternal life and resurrection.” 

This is the transcending of gender.  This is the still point where we all meet. Life is whatever you believe in my view.

I am listening to Jordan Petersen and some issues stood out for me, he spoke of the rape crisis on university campuses and indicated that 100% would be alcohol induced.  He said if men and women didn’t drink together there would be virtually no sexual assault.

I’d like to comment on this as I have been assaulted on a beach without any alcohol involved. I was pushed into a guy, I sat down and was crying.  He came to me and he offered to walk me home in broad daylight and he was not alcohol affected. He sexually assaulted me on the way home.  I ended up counselling him, ironically he thanked me.  I was nearly abducted by a group of men (gang) when hitching in New Zealand with my husband, he was in the bushes having a pee and I stood on the road. This group of around 10 men (2 cars) slowed and encouraged me to get in.  I can assure you I would definitely have been abducted if my husband hadn’t emerged.  They were not drunk.  They saw female and sex, not human, help, friend.  They saw their own needs not mine. I have had other cases which I won’t go into.

What I would like to say is that I have never wanted to force a man against his will.  I am deeply respectful of a person’s wishes and I would never want him to feel forced, encouraged or manipulated.  My preference is mutual consent and free will with no agenda but natural attraction. I would also never take another woman’s man, never.  I know the pain of separation and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, inclusive of children.  I have integrity. So it does not follow if alcohol is involved that women and men have sex.  Yes I would agree there is a hue that can happen where you think they are far more as your perception changes and yes it can happen.  Typically at nightclubs and pubs people go there to meet people so alcohol is used to relax and feel happy. So the intention is there.  For me, I don’t go out to these places as I am not seeking to meet anyone.  It would have to be natural for me, I believe the right person would come at the right moment in alignment with my life purpose.  I am not interested in making it happen.

He is not correct about violent crime, look at wars.  They are sober.

This is his analysis on his tweet remarking on Brett Kavanaugh.  He seems to have had some learning from his experience, which is a good reflection.  I will post his position in the next blog.

I personally don’t dislike anyone and I don’t see those with views differing to mine as an enemy, I listen for truth.

I want to silently reflect for a few moments on Judges and sexual misconduct or misogynous viewpoints.  Is it a problem?  Immediately I get yes.  Why?  bias.  What of the reality that all people have a range of viewpoints, some extreme at times, some moderate at other times and contradictory decisions.  I feel my poem that I wrote on Justice in this moment.  I will sit with Justice.  I see unconscious bias and biases normalised where they can’t see they are biased. it is like a blind spot.  The issue of training in law is problematic as they are taught to win the argument not sit in the centre and feel for the truth coupled with the provision of evidence or proof.  In human affairs issues can be blurred as evidence may not be available and thus a Judge must turn inward to his or her own sense of balance.  I think in gender issues a female and male judge should be on the same bench given males and females think differently and see differently, it would provide balance a they discuss issues the other can’t see.  Evidence is factual information that is not always black and white, it can appear a certain way if people are good at manipulating events or someone may falsify evidence, there has to be an ability to sense truth.  So a Judge must be a person who has personal characteristics of fairness.  I think of Jimmy Carter here, former US President who was known as fair.  I think of Gandhi another lawyer who sought fairness.  They have to have a history or orientation of seeking to be fair or balanced in my view.  Clearly if they have committed crimes, misconduct, have extreme views they are not going to be balanced.

Something to consider.  It could be you on trial, what sort of Judge would you want?

He speaks of Twitter as dangerous or is it people?  He is concerned about himself impulsively twittering.  Could it be that our truth comes out in spontaneity given we don’t self censor or seek to be seen to be?  Maybe we face controversies without demonising people but challenge or flush up ideas that require questioning. bouncing and clashing it up.  I am all for that as we learn through the clash.

Jordan Petersen says he lies. I found that interesting. Yet I can see he is honest as well as he in his way seeks for truth I sense.

I am spiritual so for me if I lie I betray myself so I seek to speak the truth fully as I want clarity.  However, I am open to being wrong, always, as we all make mistakes.  Right and wrong are inaccuracies a right is about confirming what is socially accepted as true and wrong is what is perceived as wrong could be morally, could be factually or against some norm.  Yet what if life is outcomes that we learn from. so perhaps from what is perceived as wrong something arises that expands who we think we are (evolution).  So is it right or wrong or serving us?  Contemplate that?  When we divide on right and wrong this is where division, hatred, us and them becomes justified rather than different.  An attitude of learning changes the way we see.  I see everyone as a teacher.

I like that he believes in facing things, I feel the same.  Perhaps that is why he is public now, to enable him to face himself through the questions of others, this is honing one’s own truth. I also believe in the noble path through life.  I see that as living in integrity and dignity.

I would ask him what is strong? What is weak?  Is being strong strength?  He distinguishes vulnerability from weaknesses.  I feel the young men are seeking guidance as many lost their fathers and the media/entertainment appears violent and still projects invulnerability.

It is stated that he challenges gender equality, he thinks equality of opportunity is fine.  Equality of outcome is a fool’s game (interesting wording) he sees as dangerous and impossible.  The biggest differences temperate and interest is in Scandinavian, egalitarians policies, the more egalitarian the State the bigger the differences of personality he states.  He speaks of preferences, multi-country samples, look at differences, rank by wealth and egalitarian social policies, the more different men and women become.

The female commentator asks about ‘same’ and ‘equality’ and ‘gender equality’, she indicates this is important. She speaks of feelings, gender equality discussions, opportunity, to strive forward and important for lonely young men (I feel something in that – the men are lonely).

Only two reasons men and women differ he says: cultural and biological. If minimise differences culturally this maximises biological.  I am not sure what he means there.

Participation rates in occupations – on average men interested in things, women interested in people.  Is that true in respect of participation or interests?  I am thinking about the children raised by wolves who believe they are wolves, they grunt, howl and walk on all fours.  They do not identify with humans. In fact some died in captivity. This suggests our identity is learned predominantly.  Biology predisposes for sure but the power of the family, tribe, group perhaps influences identity more, can overpower.  Brain washing, hypnosis are interesting processes where people do what is uncharacteristic due to suggestion.  So I would say I don’t agree with him, I feel there are infinite possibilities.  I see socialisation as powerful, life path as powerful and life purpose.  Perhaps as we believe it we be it.  What you believe you will see.  This is the power of the law of attraction.

I am getting a feeling around Jane Elliot and the Blue Eyed series where she suggested inferiority and superiority on the basis of eye colour (metaphor for colour). The children responded on the basis of a characteristic (in their group) as to whether they performed better or worse. There were outcomes that suggested this was true for the group. This reinforces whatever they believe they become – they are suggestible.  Marketing works along these lines.

There are other issues Jordan wouldn’t know about in respect of being born with specific experiences a person is to experience as part of their life purpose.  Some will say no we are a blank slates when birthed, I know we do not come in blank, we come in with a purpose and there are powerful energies formulating how we see and feel life. The purpose may be to experience life as a woman, a man, black/white/Asian/African etc with specific orientations, interests, personality traits, weight, aesthetics, intellect, disability etc.  These are qualities that shape experiences that in turn shape life experience and alter what is seen and perceived. So this is the diversity each person experiences that impacts what and how they see. No two see the same, ever.  We are highly diverse yet same same but different.

So going back to gender what do I feel?  I have seen clear differences on a deep level between women and men, definitely females feel others, they are very sensitive to emotions, feelings, changes in psychological environment typically.  Some of course aren’t (always exceptions), some are what I term masculine feminine (more masculine).  Males, certainly in my experience, are less verbal, less focused on emotional sensing, more physically oriented.  The differences are there but I see that as providing diversity and another means of reflecting one self from a different other.  I see males as less spiritually oriented or metaphysical, they tend to think that if they can’t see it it doesn’t exist, thus linear logic.  They can be more aggressive and willing to fight or defensive, they are usually unable to see that what is projected is often the opposite of what is true. They are more in the physical world believing only this is real and they work with that.  They love sports, competition and can be more in the ego, mind identified. They can be single minded or single focused.   I have felt inspired to add the ‘Internet of things’ and the IT revolution which is all about technology shaping people, downloading information, programming outside of emotional intelligence.  It is mind mapping, tracking, personalising, profiling and control. I view this definitely as a male world view.  Women would be more oriented to teaching, experiencing, feeling, exploring, impulses, aesthetics, living in the world of people rather than online.  Males tend to go alone online.  I would suggest this is why they are lonely, they are escaping the feeling world as it hurts and they are changing the neural networks which isolates them more.  That is my feeling. A man would look for facts to back it up, where as I go into feel as I sense the world not my thoughts. It is a wholistic feeling as truth is not discrete 1+1+1 it is 0 point. It is universal.  I felt that. I just got a visual image of lateral, networks connecting (connection) symmetry in a organic whole sense not digital.  Yet perhaps digital is man’s attempt to find that wholeness somehow. I do sense we are often all seeking the same thing but our filters are different.

Women are intuitive and we do see beyond what is seen, they are verbal and good communicators connecting to humanity or joining.  They feel their world and connect spiritually sensing life in another way (providing we are not trained out of it, socialisation or more like men).  I am usually good at taking off the mask and seeing what is happening beyond the façade.  I am looking for what is the real face. I am always curious, I like to problem solve.  That is my nature.  Feeling is like sensing, there is a knowing that the sensor is reaching for and then it feels right or there is a silent ‘yes’, this is truth.

Evidence doesn’t always get it right, I am an analyst and this evidence depends on how questions are asked, the frame of reference, the universe from which one looks.

He speaks of chaos, I feel to say that there is no chaos, it is actually unfolding with an underlying order. I am seeing the perfection of the process. That is another blog I may talk about if I feel to.  I find evidence in life not in a logical (mathematics, data) but in a way that is synchronistic as a reminder.  It is aligned with my debate with Edward de Bono where he say probability and I see ‘meant to be’.  Not chance but meant to be.

I think what is being raised is the issue of young men who don’t feel like men, who see men as violence, women are striving and starting to believe they can do anything whereas they have had a historical record where they were seen as inferior.  So equality is a core issue.

He doesn’t understand male privilege.  I see it clearly and have experienced it directly. The norms of women being emotional – men being logical, women as nurturers – men as providers are very powerful belief systems.  Men also framed his story (history).  Her story was never heard.  There is most definitely unconscious bias which is the blind spot.  I would love him to come into the next life as a female he will come into awareness.

What will be interesting is when women do truly experience equality on this planet I think men may be surprised what women choose.  I am feeling an expansion beyond the traditional tasks to explode myths and open to infinite possibilities through inspiration and intuition.  These are portals that lead us to expanded awareness.

Patch Adams sought to create a tribe based on a love revolution. When we ran around as clowns, there was no gender, humour was the focus, play was the modus operandi and unity the outcome.  So how we choose to see, how we intend changes how we interact and what we see.  Interesting.

Justice is balance and when this occurs in truth, peace naturally arises as we are ONE.

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”