Is the Girl Dangerous?

This is a statement to all boys and men, with a smile.

What do you fear?

What do you love?

What if you looked without a story, what would you see?

What if there is nothing to fear…. when Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Maybe she gets to you….


I met a younger… Continue reading

Arrest of Saudi Arabian Feminists

Changing values clash with traditional values and belief systems.  This appears connected to the #metoo movement which is a global movement of women seeking to assert their equality.  The issue of equality is evident in western countries as well given sexual harassment issues.  Freedom is expressing from a global perspective.

We are… Continue reading

Can Feminine Leaders Transform the World?

I laughed at this and agree.  Women and men are different.  In truth if I was to go deeper I would say it is really not so much about gender it is about caring, it is about shared interest, it is about a future for children, it is about collaboration and it is… Continue reading

Violence Against Women and Musings about Misogyny

Here in Australia there were questions about the way the former PM Julia Gillard was treated not only by the current Prime Minister Tony Abbott but by talk back radio who didn’t seem to be able to accord the respect of public office to a woman.  Former PM Julia Gillard raised the misogyny issue,… Continue reading

Tony Abbott Blue Tie Response to PM Resignation – Why?

My only question here is why would Tony Abbott wear a blue tie when responding to Julia Gillard’s resignation as Australian Prime Minister. This is an important question given the statement below:

As speculation about her leadership intensified, the Prime Minister said a government dominated by ”men in blue ties” would mean hard-won financial gains… Continue reading

Patch Adams: The Power of the Loving Feminine

Patch Adams is a famous clown doctor. In the film below he is interviewed by a hispanic speaker about his work and rationale. He speaks of his reasons for clowning and owes his insight to his mother, he saw the love, colour and compassion of women. I thought of Gandhi here who also learned about… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”