We Are Living in a Sociopathic Economic System Which is Not Democracy

Marianne Williamson is wise leader.

I have observed and experienced what she stating.  It is most definitely a wake up call.  I have heard the call.  I feel her truth.

The disconnect is to do with mind identification (objectification) rather than a heart centred approach to life where there is healthy connection.… Continue reading

Why Are We Losing Our Humanity?

I had major insights overnight.  The mind is amazing the way it just works on problems.  I often find in the morning I see more.

What has come into view very clearly is technology and the fact it dehumanises us.  I’ll start this blog with an insight into myself as that is… Continue reading

Hugh Mackay A Social Barameter of the Good Life

I tried to gain work with Hugh when I was in my 20’s. I always was drawn to social issues as I am interested in our society.  Over the years I contact him as I feel to connect.  He has done a wonderful service for Australia in giving us information on what is… Continue reading

Is Our Social Fabric Unravelling?

We are always at choice to change the big picture, it will be a decision to learn to see differently. Where there is life there is real hope!


I feel myself a thread in the cosmic fabric,
Unravelling beliefs,
For I know the pattern maker,
I know the ultimate design,… Continue reading

A Sad Tailing? Is it OK to Mine Nature?

I went through a process of deep reflection on mining.  I can see the sad tale here repeated across the globe in lots of different disputes between multinationals and indigenous people.  I see the latter perceiving themselves as vulnerable as they don’t have the education or the money to receive justice.  Our… Continue reading

McNamara: Lessons from War and Peace Perspectives


Robert McNamara in the previous blog featured in a documentary called the Fog of War depicting his recollections of pivotal wars in US history.  It appears to me to be an honest account and retrospectively drawing upon his own lessons that he learned from mistakes.  I feel from his experience he is… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”