The “Final Solution” Must become Peace

Inspiration brought me here to:

  • anyone incarcerated without trial
  • anyone held in detention
  • anyone imprisoned
  • anyone vilified on the basis of their race or relgion or spiritual belief
  • anyone held without rights
  • anyone tortured
  • anyone terrorised
  • anyone being killed with the intention to wipe them out

The seeds of dictatorship with discrimination leads to mindsets… Continue reading

Biko, Apart-heid and Raising Consciousness

I found a song by Peter Gabriel about Steve Biko the African actvist for non-racism in South Africa.  I saw the movie many years ago and felt deeply saddened by the plight of Africans.  Oppression is a word I can type but one can only know this when they are looked at in… Continue reading

Mad Hatter or Koch-er at the Tea Party?

We live in a world of great contrast, the reason our world is this way is for us to choose.  In every moment we decide who we are and who we are not.  I have come to realise I am love and when that becomes my ideology, all will benefit, as love shares,… Continue reading

There Is No Enemy

I felt inspired to write this.  I thank the intelligence community for inspiring me.  I am at peace.  I send love to every one.  In the spirit of democracy and free speech I send this to you.  My freedom has not come from anyone fighting, it has come from my… Continue reading

Learning Diversity and Love as a Clown

I have realised that embracing diversity is peace.  I am a life long learner and life just keeps expanding.

Lately I am thinking a lot about peace as truly embracing differences.  The reality as I see it is there will be those who are sensitive and notice the one excluded and embrace them… Continue reading

Australia: Daintree National Park


I am writing my life story and having a great time.  I went around Australia when I was 21 and am just remembering the Daintree National Park.  Perhaps my early realisations of how important nature was happened when I travelled through such extraordinary places.  I am fortunate to have grown up… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”