We Are Living in a Sociopathic Economic System Which is Not Democracy

Marianne Williamson is wise leader.

I have observed and experienced what she stating.  It is most definitely a wake up call.  I have heard the call.  I feel her truth.

The disconnect is to do with mind identification (objectification) rather than a heart centred approach to life where there is healthy connection.  When you see through the filter of love you can see the real picture and the whole person, equality is naturally there.  There will be those listening to this which will find her emotions annoying and her tone.  This is the gender bias that is unconscious. When you accept all voices then you align with democracy.  In my world all voices are worthy of listening to, I care not which side of politics, whatever their orientation, seek first to listen then to speak.

When you see, you cannot ignore the suffering of others as you will work towards providing another pathway.  We will find the pathway but we have to travel the journey of self discovery first.  It can look bad, it can look like we cannot be heard, but know your voice always counts.  The question is – what words will you say?  Will you be part of the problem or the solution?  We all get to choose.

I felt to post my poems:

The Heart is the Seat of Intelligence



Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”