The War Path or the Loving Path?

I clowned in the city the other day. I fell in love with all faces and races, indeed humanity – Chinese, Hindu, Muslims, Australians, Americans, Indians, disabled, children, mothers, fathers, young and old and so on. I know which path I am on. I do not watch the news, I do not buy into the fear. I am not interested in fear and control. I only respond to love.

Love is unity consciousness and only love is real.


Enlightenment is to Simply be Love


Enlightenment is no great mystical state,

It is to lighten up,

To bring light,

For light is information,

Darkness is lack of information,

And only one path leads to happiness.


Perhaps one has to suffer to strive for the highest ideals,

For to idealise life is to realise the highest mission,

Envisage the grandest vision of the greatest version of oneself,

To transcend fear and control,

For life is not a role but a state of ascension,

Where love meets tension,

One surrenders or suffers,

To surrender is to let go,

To suffer is to hold on,

Only one path leads to peace.


I have seen the greatest inner wealth leads to minimal possessions,

For one identifies inner richness as the real focus,

Outer wealth reveals great poverty within,

As one attaches to fill inner voids,

Avoiding responsibility and growth,

Finding freedom or bondage,

Only one path leads to inner joy.


Socrates invited his students to question everything,

To never accept the status quo,

To always seek to know,

The truth,

He advised inquiry and dialogue,

For higher knowledge is not in books but illumined within,

As gentle wisdom is the kernel needing no armies,

The leader that requires no control,

That rejects all roles,

Higher knowledge is applied (lived) then wisdom is the inner bounty,

That has infinite possibilities without mutiny,

For one can either be clever or intelligent,

And only one path leads to wisdom.


For the goal of life is happiness, peace, joy and wisdom,

These are the four horsemen,

For the wise are those who know to tell the blind horseman on a blind horse that he is heading towards the abyss not bliss,

This is the real wine that returns to water,

For this is the elixir of the real life that has no boundaries in an open society,

And when this is the highest life lived one has tasted the sweetness of success,

One relinquishes possessions as attachment,

One has no need of superiority or inferiority,

As these are aspects of ego not truth,

And they will find threats in openness,

They will distrust democracy,

They will repress freedom of speech and call it law and order,

Confucius is ethical order and Buddha freed the spirit,

Only the path that is truly loving leads to true liberation,

And this is the moment when the river meets the sea,

Where the poet starts to see,

That setting all meanings free,

Lead to simply be,


Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”