The Heart is the Seat of Intelligence

The emotional side of humanity is something that has been dumbed down in an industrialised world expressing itself predominantly through business language. Emotional outbursts, wearing your heart on your sleeve, saying things as they are, are often viewed as unprofessional. We have favoured the intellect as the summation of value, we look at educational backgrounds and when you have a PhD or Dr before your name, doors open. People may ask ‘what do you think’? seldom do they ask ‘what do you feel’?

I was working in a research company and for fun I wrote to a magazine and called myself Professor Carew. Before I knew it the editor of the magazine was requesting an article without first finding out whether I had anything interesting to say. I remember thinking it was interesting how the doors open with prefixes such as Prof. or Dr. etc. It made me contemplate class and intelligence. I have heard many statements from so called intelligent people advocating that intelligence is genetic, so those not from intelligent families would not be intelligent. I do laugh at that as I knew many people without degrees that were far more intelligent, indeed what I saw was emotional intelligence and wisdom from people from all walks of life. I felt the ability to be able to read situations and people, to tune into the feelings and emotions of people, an ability to connect with humans on an emotional level, was a sign of what I felt expanded intelligence.

To walk over people ambitiously, to destroy careers, to dominate I regarded as not intelligent as it creates division, separation and sorrow. Given we are all connected, working or living or indeed participating in a society together, I sensed intelligence would lead us to greater levels of unity. That was my feeling then and I can feel it as I write now.

Heart based intelligence is about making choices from the heart, from inner feeling or spontaneous generosity, rather than purely rational calculated thought. The words ‘to be seen to be’ would be a classic statement of thought based thinking rather than random acts of kindness revealing authenticity. When we are real with each other, then we have full information, we know where we stand. In many instances I’ve heard the words but the person didn’t believe what they were saying as they were seeking to provide an impression or they saw themselves as professional. The language was very crafted and they were not present as people, they were actors ineffect. When I am with authentic people I can get a sense of what is possible or not possible, whether we are like minded or not. They say it like it is, I really love that. I don’t mind if it is different from my beliefs, I am open to new ideas. Who knows maybe they are right.

In my own life I always follow my heart. I can remember making a choice in my 20’s to make a decision on the basis of my feeling rather than the money. I would go for experience but not just chase a career path or status, that is what lead me to become a clown. Had I sat down and rationalised and thought of my reputation, the money, the future, I would never have done it. No-one takes you seriously anyway (ha ha). Yet it turned out to be the greatest decision of my life, I just followed my heart. I left companies if they were not honest, or I was not happy, I kept moving until I became aware of my purpose. Since then I haven’t looked back. I definitely felt that my work is part of who I am. So I am not acting, I feel it deeply.

Anyway, here is some information about heart based intelligence.

Now consider that: there are 40,000 neurons in your heart. That’s more than enough to make a brain. If an ant brain has the capacity of almost 50 million neural connections (y=[n*(n-1)]/2), your heart brain has close to 800 million.

No wonder that the ‘heart’s brain’ is a system so intricate and sophisticated, that it is able to feel, learn and remember. Because apparently, our heart actually stores its own memories… Also, it may very well be involved in dreaming activity. Our ‘two brains’ are in constant communication and they clearly influence each other. For example, stress coming through the brain may affect your cardiac rythm, but it is also true the other way around (it’s not hard to train to control your cardiac rythm in order to reduce stress level -try it). Some information may be perceived throught the heart, and only then communicated to the brain. Now that’s interesting… I’m suddenly reminded of all these intuitive feelings: knowing something without knowing how. It’s just outside conscience and yet it is part of it, only it feels different.

Anyway, science today is telling us that this is all true. Thank you Madam, we always love a new bit of info (okay not so new: it’s been around for decades, but I only found out two years ago). I may be late, but science is later still: once again, a little slow in catching up with intuitive, common sense?

For thousands of years, maybe even from the beginning of language itself, man has suffered of ’heartaches’, when he wasn’t downright ‘heart broken’. Why do we take something to heart rather than to stomach? We ‘lose heart’ when we are discouraged, or more to the point, we commit to something ‘heart and soul’ (i.e. not just with the head). So there we go: popular knowledge didn’t wait for the men in white coats to make the difference between two types of perception.

Far from being an enemy of rigorous research, I’m still wondering whether we moderns aren’t putting the cart before the horse (ou la charrue avant les boeufs, meme si ca va moins vite je prefere, c’est bucolique). Rather than refusing offhand anything that isn’t scientific, could we not start by accepting it as a proposition, then make the lab rats find out how it works?

In other words -et tant pis pour le cliche: when it comes to ‘knowing’, how about we listen to our heart?


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