Life support systems

Speak Up: Academia, Climate Change, Toxic Spraying and 5G Frequencies

Geoengineering I used to think was about geology and engineering, it is actually about geographical control.  Geoengineering is whistle-blowing on government, military, intelligence in the public interest and at great risk.  My post on Kevin Shipp a former CIA anti-terrorism specialist was shutdown on Facebook

The message by Dale Wigington… Continue reading

The Origin of Species Resets to Zero Point

I was inspired by David Attenboroughs Earth series. It just amazes me how complex and harmonious life on earth is. I sat back and thought of the pressure on all life given earth changes and how humans choose to live. We see progress in our technology, yet we experience regress in our relationship with nature.… Continue reading

Playing the Harp of Unity

I felt inspired to write this after my meditation on chemtrails and HAARP.  May the greatest force be with you, that is the truth of who you are, love in action. I am feeling peace and I send it to the world not as RF but the highest frequency.


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A Sad Tailing? Is it OK to Mine Nature?

I went through a process of deep reflection on mining.  I can see the sad tale here repeated across the globe in lots of different disputes between multinationals and indigenous people.  I see the latter perceiving themselves as vulnerable as they don’t have the education or the money to receive justice.  Our… Continue reading

Military Cooperation for Future Sustainability A New Global Marshall Plan for Nature


The video below is produced by Jim Channon former Vietnam Veteran and founder of the special US Army unit entitled New Earth Batallion.  This was a batallion that was experimental and worked on creating peaceful soldiers. Soldiers were trained in the ancient arts of harmony and learning about the true power inherent within… Continue reading

Deforestation: The Canary in the Coalmine Sings Another Tipping Point

Topical rainforests feel to me as another canary in the coalmine, a tipping point. In my poetry I have written about the forests as the centre-peace. The life system revolves around trees in so many ways. Trees ensure soils are enriched and stable, the hydrological cycle is balanced through transpiration and precipitation, wildlife have homes… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”