The Origin of Species Resets to Zero Point

I was inspired by David Attenboroughs Earth series. It just amazes me how complex and harmonious life on earth is. I sat back and thought of the pressure on all life given earth changes and how humans choose to live. We see progress in our technology, yet we experience regress in our relationship with nature. It is a relationship of diminishing returns as we are not in harmony. This is a fact we appear unable to face without getting caught up in the semantics of climate change. Let’s hope regress doesnt lead to egress. Nature is neutral to our plight, can we find the passion for natures plight? For it is one and the same.



David Attenborough,
Reminding us of life on earth,
That we are not alone,
And yet alone we are making a monumental impact,
As all tipping points and feedback loops,
Are greater than the sum of the parts.

The cameramen open up my eyes through a more powerful lens,
Showcasing the true meaning of diversity,
Revealing the scenery of nature frame by frame,
A university of genetics that is never the same,
A bursary of infinite wealth responding to change,
For this is not survival of the fittest,
It is the revival of genetic harmonisation,
Naturally selecting ‘what works’ over preferences,
For this is equation that favours selecting what is natural,
As nature cooperates and compensates all needs,
Economics manipulates wants into needs as the real terminator seeds,
Without holding nature (all things) constant.

I watch the birds clean their display space,
And fan the embers of procreation in elation,
Seeking to attract a mate to resonate,
Singing a song that only those who belong in this echo system can translate,
Only those that can relate to this love language will fan and flutter then appear,
As human ears and eyes can only listen and observe,
Without truly knowing the meaning of this heard …

I find myself having a bird’s eye view into another planet,
That I believe is mine,
Alien to offices, politics, supermarkets, sitcoms, internet,
iPhones, agriculture and human dramas of the cyber net, 
move silently into a world that is …

Revolved as spheres of influence,
Positive negative,
Yin yang,
Male and female,
Diversity and unity,
A harmony of the spheres,
In between spaces,
Graces and lattice laces,
Threading a rainbow tapestry of infinite detail,
Perhaps this is the holy grail!

This is a real world most never see,
It is hidden from the domestic and mundane,
A world sustained by remote sensing the seasons,
Reproduction, rhythms and spontaneity,
Perfecting survival skills as reasoning,
Hunting in packs calculating outcomes,
Smelling opportunity and acting in unison,
Infrared night sight sensing heat and movement,
Sonar visioning in schools of alternative thought,
Language songs speaking without tongues,
Life emerging from under the pack ice in caverns,
Teetering on the edge of extinction,
Genetic switches choosing perfection as change,
A built in sustainability system that sniffs the wind and preys,
Rearranging a harmonic convergence,
Strategises for balance as chaos,
All natural life on earth tuned in to natures rhythm,
A geometric blueprint of sacred scores,
Breathing in and out in predictable patterns,
Weaving life into a matrix of giving and receiving,
new beginnings and endings,
Do we turn the final page of life on earth?
Or start a new chapter?

The human species has disconnected from the tree of life,
We have lost our instinct and edge,
As gadgets fulfill our time,
Work keeps us busy and racing against time,
We have lost our true nature of inner harmony,
In favour of paying bills and adapting to a human made world,
That knows not the root nor the source of the real life!
For the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing,
As both left and right deny the plight of the wildlife stuck in the middle,
Humans are still deliberately debating climate change as they refuse to change,
Whilst the wildlife are moving to higher ground,
They sense infinitesimal changes in temperature, water, food, fire and wind,
They have no language for climate change,
Instinct knows to survive the human abnormality,
As they await correction,
Finality resurrects an impenetrable barrier,
A limit to growth of business-as-usual,
For how many business people know how to survive in nature,
Yet nature has survived and adapted to business.

Humans disrupted atmospheric composition re-coding for inclement weather,
Heating the earth and melting ice caps is the slippery slope
of diminishing returns,
Yet all build castles and credit free falls to take the cap off trade,
Yet when we reconnect with our true nature we will return to the world
cap in hand,
We will find the solution was hidden by the pollution of fear,
Parading as the power of the fittest and most brutal,
Whilst deforesting humanities of true meaning,
Justified by economic schools of thought living off users pay as the only way,
Unable to factor in all users of the natural world will face a pay off,
Of infinite magnitude unless they change their attitude,
Realising one cannot bribe the natural world to stave off collapse,
Or collapse the starving by hijacking resources as development,
Futures and options will only pay off today,
No-one can bully, threaten, bargain, buy time, or find a new earth,
As another management strategy on institutional spreadsheets,
For nature has no timeline for discordant species unable to stop the rate of decline,
Harmony is the only outcome that thrives in alignment,
With a re-new-able life.

Gaia is rumbling, stumbling and crumbling,
She is shaking her skin free of non-renewable irritations,
She is changing her orbit and mission statement,
For she is not an unending quarry or toxic dump,
She re-calibrates her axis to move onto a new trajectory,
Seeking a new storyline … a songline,
Where life on earth returns to the origin,
of the original blueprint,
The origin of species resets to zero point,
And this is a new point recalibrating life as one with earth,
To harmonise the natural world order,
By natural selection removing the new world order,
For it is re-ordering the pecking order,
Awakening the meek to inherit the earth,
For they will know guardianship, respect, love and stewardship,
Regenerating a new species system reset,
Setting a new course and illumined direction,
Revising a re-new-able earth curriculum that is no longer rote,
Inspiring the singing of a new note in higher octaves never heard,
Realising that how we treat the earth is the mirror of how we treat ourselves,
How we compete with each other only defeats ourselves in the end,
For the future will be a win/win on the winds of monumental change,
As the new philosophy sings the hologram of oneness and love
ushering in a new stage as a new Golden Age.

Gaia is a living organism in a cosmos of spiral wisdom,
For what goes around comes around,
And to Know Thyself is to know the whole,
For when wholeness replaces emptiness,
Zero point will unveil that nothing is everything,
And no-where is now-here,
And this is the mission of a new earth
beyond space and time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”