Speak Up: Academia, Climate Change, Toxic Spraying and 5G Frequencies

Geoengineering I used to think was about geology and engineering, it is actually about geographical control.  Geoengineering is whistle-blowing on government, military, intelligence in the public interest and at great risk.  My post on Kevin Shipp a former CIA anti-terrorism specialist was shutdown on Facebook https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2018/07/former-cia-whistleblower-on-intelligence-climate-engineering-vaccination-and-911/

The message by Dale Wigington is to have the courage to speak up, he influenced Kevin Shipp to take a major risk and speak up about the shaddow government.  Dale says we have to unite the tribes bring everyone together.  Any form of human activity that alters the energy balance of the planet must be climate engineering. This issue is about all of us as we breathe the same air.

Dale talks about the addiction to power, I am beginning to understand this.  I am aware of those who only see the $$ billions/trillions but not the people or how their actions impact on the future of not only young people but the very earth systems and all life on earth naturally selected for 4 billion years.  The blind spot of greed enables all they can see to be confined to their own reputation, their networks, colleagues (glee clubs) and short term advantage that they profit from.  They don’t see cancer directly caused by a focus on biochemicals, biotech, IT, defence industries that negatively impact the world’s people as they are increasingly targetted. They regard themselves as business people rather than face the truth of their own complicitness, denial and betrayal of the very communities they claim they serve.  It is interesting to observe attempts to demonise, shutdown or terminate those in civil society who may reveal ‘truths’ as they regard democracy as a threat. They seek to normalise a compliant framework as social order where punishment occurs through disconnecting what is no longer useful, not unlike the imagery of the Matrix.  These powerful persons/organisations create secrecy agreements as ‘copyright protection’, ‘brand protection’, ‘business privacy’ as a smokescreen to ensure the public do not learn of what is going on.  This is why privatisation or globalisation is the web that chokes off freedom of speech around the world.  This mindset runs counter to the essential democratic principles that underpin social democracy and enable rebalancing of abuses and excesses.  I have written in terms of them and implied ‘us’.  I would like to state that they are us when we allow greed or insecurity to dictate. Nonetheless, on a global scale those in power have considerable ability to affect the future of life on earth.

Dale speaks of psych ops of climate engineering.  He indicates the strange climate events to Arctic ice hiding that it is disintegrating.  He mentions the word ‘nucleation’ that is unnatural and used to affect weather. Affecting weather can be used to intimidate and control groups or populations as a form of warfare.

He indicates all meteorologists know this information about climate interference.

The 5G information is noteworthy.  I can feel the electromagnetic interference in the faces of those I pass in the street.  I can see them shutdown to natural frequencies of love. This is the mirror of mental health issues we see arising which will be normalised in a few years as people hide more and more the dysfunction they experience within thinking it is them not the toxic environment around them.

He speaks of 8 years until total ozone collapse.  Can business as usual continue?  I hear people say ‘the real world’.  I smile when all pretend it is all good.  It is not but the future can be changed.

Refer http://theconversation.com/is-earths-ozone-layer-still-at-risk-5-questions-answered-91470 

If ozone collapses it is game over he states.  UV is killing plankton and trees.  Artic ice melting volumes going down.  What happens when ice disappears, the oceans absorbs 90% of heat.  Massive methane deposits releasing in arctic tundra can cause extinction.  The methane released would turn the planet into Venus called pango, it explodes like a bomb.  It is happening on the sea floor he states. Life on the planet will end (even without human activity). It is an exponential equation, free falling into abrupt climate shift.

Climate engineering linked to fires.  Why? toxifying rain, poisons root systems, destroys ozone, rain cycle, dry lightening, incindery dust explosive fire behaviours. He suggests the fire brigades must look at this issue as they are at risk. He speaks of tar sands in Canada and the desperation of the industrial military complex to keep the military juggernaut going.  Interestingly he speaks of oxygen levels dropping and human mortality rates.  Chewing up oxygen.  He says we are losing trees 3.4 trillion trees, 55% gone (2nd largest oxygen producer), 60% plankton dead (1st largest oxygen producer).  Into 6th mass extinction. Lost 60% of earth’s wildlife population.

Military have to wake up.  They do not know what is going on or what they are part of.  He mentions Iraq, result of 911, global elite.  He speaks of Fukashima (3 melt downs).  He speaks of mass coronial ejection event, knows out grid power. Fukashima x 100 road leads to climate engineering – ionosphere heating creates seismic activity.   He speaks of a short time horizon.  Aluminum saturation is killing the bees he says.

We know not what we do!

At this point I feel it as self destruction from the inside out.

Those who live lives addicted to power, money, status, materialism, violence, drugs, sex etc. continue to feed these addictions and will do anything to ensure continuance.  It is a false reality that is not possible to sustain as it defies natural limits, ecosystem tolerances and is out of balance with nature.  Nature always will survive beyond human kind, that is why it is up to humans to decide the outcome they want. Always they get to choose. Those who arrive at this blog post are deciding who the are in relation to this awareness outside of their job title.  They are deciding for their children and grandchildren, those they love.

Releasing the information is about planting seeds of awareness rather than seeding clouds, this to Awaken the people to contemplate who we are and why we do what we do?

It is truth that sets you free.  The future changes when you see-change.  US Airforce General is in the video below speaking to this topic.

Pass this information on.

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”