Iraq: Why Not Send In The Clowns?

I remember Patch Adams saying that he had this fantasy of sending 30,000 clowns to war zones.  I’ve always loved that idea.

One crazy clown did decide to go to Iraq and ended up in Fallujah kidnapped.  This is the story of Jo Wilding, a peace protestor, who was kidnapped by rebels in… Continue reading

Patch Adams: Ending Violence, Child Slavery and Equality

This is a wonderful film of Patch connecting with the Peruvian people. His organisation gesundheit institute supports the Belen Project in Peru.

Patch didn’t say that Laughter is the Best Medicine he felt Friendship was clearly the best medicine, it is the most important thing in life, relationships with those we love. He doesn’t think… Continue reading

Patch Adams: The Power of the Loving Feminine

Patch Adams is a famous clown doctor. In the film below he is interviewed by a hispanic speaker about his work and rationale. He speaks of his reasons for clowning and owes his insight to his mother, he saw the love, colour and compassion of women. I thought of Gandhi here who also learned about… Continue reading

Awaken Fool!

I was sent this link, it is very true. When you have been a clown, your life is never the same again. It is funny to think of the clown as awake, but truly as we move through crowds and connect with people we awaken the funny side of ourselves and others, unable to take… Continue reading

Humour, Peace, Clowning and Freedom

When I was studying Peace Studies at La Trobe University, I felt intuitively to link peace to humour. As a clown I saw instantly that laughter offered in a positive way, coming from a space of love, was the embodiment of peace. This paper I felt inspired to write and whilst researching it I saw… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”