Dictators in Denial of Democracy

Patch Adams SPEAKS UP to the Establishment about Indifference

This is an excerpt from the film.  The point made here is humanity.  We become so caught up in professionalism and status and forget the patient as a real person and in need.

He is a beautiful man.  He has been kind to me.  His world is the one I enjoyed… Continue reading

Monty Python Conquers America

I think this is desperately needed in a world that is losing its sense of humour.  I was happy to learn that the Yanks got this, there is hope for world peace afterall.

Peace is about laughing at ourselves and each other but in a way that reveals the Joker.

I like the idea… Continue reading

Laughing at Bean Mean

This is funny.  Mr Bean is not a hazbeen.  Very creative.

Pink Panther Strikes Again Dentist Anyone?

Another brilliant comedy peace.  Peter Sellers goes to the castle to spy on Drefuss. He is under the guise of a Dentist. I think of dentists here.  I am lucky never had a filling cross fingers.  It is a classic scene.

Will get you laughing and crying.

That’s the job (fun) of a clown.


This Makes Telstra Look Efficient

I love this.  This speaks to my heart and soul, definitely.  Perhaps this is how you thwart surveillance.  Logic listens and believes, intelligence solves the problem.  I wonder how many bungled operations there have been.  Lots I imagine.  I love humanity.

We need to learn to laugh at ourselves,… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”