Eve is a New Era




This is a poem dedicated to all men,

For you are trail blazing,

A bush fire that is unstoppable,

That is on the war path,

That has forgotten the steam bath,

Is for contemplation.


The patriarch is the monarch,

The matriarch is the patron,

Who presides over the tribe,

She is the decision maker,

For she must lead the children home,

For the home is in the heart,

It will never be found in the terror of

A battle cry,

For those battle hardened,

Have lost touch,

Have lost feeling,

Have been taught to hate,

For this is not a word in my language.


For the language of peace,

Knows only peace treaties,

This is a world where boys are taught to nurture,

They are allowed to cry,

For to feel is to be human,

Men have always followed wo-men,

For women give birth to life itself,

Women know the pain of separation,

The umbilical chord is not biblical,

Women are the caretakers,

Of the next generation.


This is a smoke signal,

This is a warning to humanity,

For the flames are burning out of control,

The globe is warming,

Nature is turning,

In on itself,

For man is at war with himself.


For in a time of great confusion,

Man has lost his centre,

At this stage he is losing balance,

Woman is kept behind for protection,

For weakness is in the droplets of tears,

For she knows what it is to walk in his moccasins,

She sees his turmoil,

Yet his deepest reflection flows down the river,

Of real compassion.


Matriarchy is not a state of control,

It is governed by relationships,

Guided by values,

For only the wise value time as knowledge,

Each stage has a name,

Recognized by unique traits,

You live up to your namesake,

For gods sake you value respect,

For rights are inalienable not granted,

For real connection is in principle,

This is the main stream,

Not a back water.


The wisdom circle,

Is encircled by blossoms,

For each is a flower,

A seed of life,

A universal knowledge,

That germinates in the wise ones,

And she is watching you quietly,

She is nurturing the child in you,

She will never harm you nor another,

For high self esteem is to love your nature,

And you are the nature that is wild and free,

That only knows one mother,

For family are friends,

And friends are family,

A name is only spoken to those unknown.


The feather of truth is peace,

For the peace pipe is shared together,

How can one refuse another?

For rejection is fear,

Resentment rises from the ashes,

As the fire burns down and one is encircled by the darkness,

A loving family gives love without condition,

For the conditions are always right,

The word ‘no’ is unknown,

Ownership is possession,

For one is never repressed,

A mistake is met with healing,

For the medicine man is a woman of great love for this is the real knowledge,

And the greatest medicine loves to know you are happy,

And this is what the world is needing,

This is what the world is craving,

For the people are tired of war and famine,

The people are tired of work without compassion,

The people long to sit around the fire to sing and dance,

To dance with wolves,

To rain dance,

For romancing the stone brings new life,

To belong to a tribe,

And find a wife,

When one is steady,

When one has learned respect,

When one can finally reflect on his path,

For the season of reason,

Is when he is ready,

The right of passage,

Is the passage of what is right,

And these are the universal rights of man,

For to be at the right-hand side of woman,

Is a privilege not a right,

To be loved by a woman,

He has earned the right,

To return to the village as a man,

For it is only when man finds woman,

When the feminine meets the masculine,

That the balance of peace finds justice,

For the scales of truth,

Is the balancing point of woman,

She holds the scale steady,

She closes her eyes to evil,

This is the fold in the blind,

She speaks not of an enemy,

Only the young boy lost and confused,

For she is listening to the serpent,

And this is the symbol of wisdom not temptation,

This is the natural voice within,

For she is receptive,

Have you forgotten your mythology?

The matriarch leads with in-sight,

For power is not dominance,

Power allows life to flow,

Allows each to grow,

Nurtures the heart so that you know,

To stay below in humility,

For this is the true humanity that is the lost civilization,

Atlantis was a civilization that was lost,

In time.


Life was never meant to be hardship,

It is the friend-ship we all seek,

And this can only be found in mutual respect,

Equality and deep reflection,

This will be the new election,

For we will elect peace,

We will choose love,

We will practice joy,

For there are many feathers to truth,

Which hat do you wear?

Is it a head dress that shows your colours,

Or the mask that hides the face,

For truth must always be worn as a feather,

The earth is your mother of pearl,

And it is time to recollect the hidden value,

To collect together the berries and the fruit from the forest,

To recognize eve is the new era,

For she will protect the children and give her last breath,

This is her bond,

For the new age comes home early,

This is her pledge to the eagle that circles,

For she will awaken as she stands at the edge,

As the last tree falls,

Only she knows that a child can’t eat money,

And the love of money will never bring you home,

To the last frontier.


Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”