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Byron Katie: My Child Won’t Forgive Me

I wrote ‘child’ as it can be a daughter or son or from the perspective of a father or mother.   It’s funny I just saw that when kids refer to their parents they typically say my mother and father as that is the family ordering.  I never say my father and mother.… Continue reading

Byron Katie: It is Never the Other Person – Wow

Byron Katie is an awakening. Is that true?  No.  We are the awakening that is Byron Katie.  It is the end of negativity.

I yelled at my mother the other day as I felt her judge me.  Yet in truth I judged myself then projected.  What I loved about my… Continue reading

When I Don’t Like Me I Don’t Like You

This is The Work of Byron Katie who is assisting people to face their pain by questioning for truth.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”