Guardian: Syria Explained and the Mirror Reflected

In truth no conflict can be explained in 5 minutes. There are many complexities at play. Seeds planted long ago, traditional rivals, diverse interests, moment to moment events changing the course of his-tory.  Old unresolved conflicts finding another theatre to express anger, dissent and destroy what is perceived as unwanted.  It is the… Continue reading

When I Don’t Like Me I Don’t Like You

This is The Work of Byron Katie who is assisting people to face their pain by questioning for truth.

Letter to Mark Zuckerberg re: Facebook Posts Requesting Open Democracy!

This blog is to Mark Zuckerberg.

I had my ability to post on Facebook Susan Lily Carew frozen so I could not post to friends and the public.  I speculate it is because of two posts which I have published here  Today I have posted twice on another Facebook page my… Continue reading

Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Where do thoughts come from?  Are they your thoughts? Is it personal? Are there any new thoughts? Are emotions personal or human emotions?  Are we part of a collective mind?  Are they energy fields?  What about collective thoughts in nations?  What about the media how does that form thought or… Continue reading

What Causes Anxiety? Go to Stillness

Anxiety can turn into panic attacks.  It is when fear really strikes you as you feel frightened or threatened.  Thoughts are the creators of fear and anxiety.  So rather than take a pill question your thoughts.


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”