Arms industry

Guardian: Syria Explained and the Mirror Reflected

In truth no conflict can be explained in 5 minutes. There are many complexities at play. Seeds planted long ago, traditional rivals, diverse interests, moment to moment events changing the course of his-tory.  Old unresolved conflicts finding another theatre to express anger, dissent and destroy what is perceived as unwanted.  It is the… Continue reading

US Companies and Production of Antipersonnel Mines

Note this was written in 1997.  It is instructive of the amount of profit involved and why countries are not signatories to the Mines Test Ban.  It is where the solution will be found.  There has to be a global database of all companies involved in the supply of weapons whether that… Continue reading

Advance Australia not Fair but by Force as Arms Trading Extending Violence not Peace

This is how Australia loses its innocence.  All the rhetoric around terrorism is not the real reason for Australia becoming a target, it is its aggressive stance in a region geographically sitting below the the largest Muslim archipelago in the world.

I am a peacemaker and had no support in my attempts to teach… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”