Letter to Mark Zuckerberg re: Facebook Posts Requesting Open Democracy!

This blog is to Mark Zuckerberg.

I had my ability to post on Facebook Susan Lily Carew frozen so I could not post to friends and the public.  I speculate it is because of two posts which I have published here https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/wp-admin/post.php.  Today I have posted twice on another Facebook page my opinion about this as I am not in agreement with secrecy or censureship, particularly without consultation or discussion to resolve the matter.  We cannot solve problems if they are hidden away by people deciding content when what they offer is a platform as a forum for freedom of speech.  It is not freedom if it is blocked.

This is an alternative view which is quite amusing….

Can Freedom of Speech Be Blocked on Facebook by the CIA?

There are issues of Group Think where groups/cultures think they are right based on social/cultural norms and the group feels to agree even if some don’t. Potitical correctness pressures people to conform to the dominant narrative in order to belong.  People typically don’t like to stand out for fear of isolation or vilification.  Yet we cannot learn from people if they do not feel safe to share their ideas without being censored, challenging is incredibly important to generate higher knowledge, insight and personal growth.

My questions are:

  • Can individuals stand up and say what they think in forums that promote freedom of speech to enable others to be exposed to a range of ideas?
  • What is the justification for blocking posts and can these actions be contested in public forums?
  • Can those in senior positions of Facebook investigate their internal cultural bias, norms, attitudes, beliefs, political biases to make wise decisions in a global forum that is diverse for the greater good of the public and building community?
  • Can these forums be an opportunity to allow diverse and controversial ideas to be shared to assist in investigating what we fear, discuss it, debate it and resolve it?
  • Can the US regulators, politicians and business persons open their minds to global platforms that may differ to their worldview and respect others have a right to share information that raises questions or conveys beliefs without foreign interference?
  • Is it in the public interest to discuss controversial or contestable topics in order to understand the world we live in?
  • Can conflict resolution/personal inquiry be used in Facebook to learn how to deal with issues that may reveal truths that others fear and cause conflict?
  • Contestable ideas force self reflection as we examine information for truth.
  • Should we suppress freedom of speech or punish it (censor) or deal with conflict proactively in a democatic mode of interaction?

My post yesterday was showcasing ABC Q&A here in Australia where we are experimenting with political panels and citizens being heard.  This is new as we have never known a true democracy.
Refer https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2018/09/abc-tv-qa-in-australia-gives-a-voice-to-the-children-to-discuss-politics/

  • Can Facebook consider its platform as primarily democratic not favouring one view over another or ‘restricting posts or allowing others’ that bias the forum?
  • Can the only rule be ‘nonviolence’ as people learn how to speak with respect and sensitivity to those others?

I have written about the CIA as very important claims have been made by whistleblowers, of course they would not want that, however the reality is that information is coming out as evidence by YouTube testimonials.  The key question is how to respond to controversial claims?  In my view full disclosure and public forums (both sides) is the way out of darkness. The light is truth and reconciliation in a world that is corrupt and hidden. This is in the public interest.

I note you have an interest in Roman emperors.  I googled if there is a Roman Emperor of wisdom?  Yes indeed there is, he is called Marcus Aurelius and he speaks of the greater good!

There is another important parable about Group Think it is called the Emperor’s new clothes.

The Emperor’s New Clothes” (DanishKejserens nye klæder) is a short tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent – while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone believe the clothes are invisible to them. When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new “clothes”, no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally, a child cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!” The tale has been translated into over 100 languages.[1]

This illustrates the power of fear and conformity where we say the world order is fine, there is no climate change or economic collapse. Is this wise?  The young people, as evidence on Q&A say it like it is, so much wisdom and then you contrast that with the politicians who are used to concealing the truth or being influenced by others.  It is evident how important honesty and openness is for the young people who inherit this mess that has been going a long time.

In the times we are moving through it is essential to work for the greater good and allow postings that are not censored but open to discussion.  If in my case it is the CIA, then the CIA comes on and states its view rather than surveilling, it participates as a global citizen explaining why?  I’d much prefer that then being monitored as I am today.

If it is about speaking up then come into that forum and say why that could be problematic, state the case hold it up to scrutiny, this is democracy.  If they argue left wing agenda then state the reasons why that is believed.  No problem.  Moreover, it is in the interests of the one who posts to be challenged or questioned so they learn that not everyone believes what they believe as we break out of silos of certainty with reality checks. This is how the cyber reality can be made more real.

Perhaps if Facebook fears the other side is not heard or offered, as right ring critics have stated, then create democratic forums  as actual platforms that are moderated for controversial issues so people can learn from both sides and choose in a way that is fair.  Not for the purpose of surveillance or advantage but for the highest good of real democracy which was the reason why the US was respected.

Specific US narratives can act in fear and call it national interest or open itself to critique in healthy forums of debate not warfare to assert democracy rather than control.  This is why we all have to communicate more and learn how to do it without offence in democratic forums.  We have to solve the intractible problems we are facing otherwise we may not have a next generation.    

This is what I posted today on my other Facebook page to ensure my voice is heard. It was shared with friends that I was unable to access on my main Facebook.


  • I have had my Facebook posts frozen on Susan Lily Carew with no explanation from Facebook. I wonder if this US intelligence probe is to do with actually giving them permission to access more data given foreign interference is the mainstay of US policy. I would like a response from Facebook as to why my post was frozen and exactly why a CIA whistleblower should not be shared on Facebook in the public interest. What makes us unhappy is surveillance, being shutdown and not even the courtesy of a message to state why blocking posting, censureship is akin to repression of freedom of speech. This is Mark Zuckerman (Zuckerberg) speaking at the US Senate. They key question what is freedom of speech and what right he has in deciding what information is released and what is not, in whose interests would be my question? Certainly in Australia we have US foreign interference so does that mean we drill down all US information that promotes the US or do we allow freedom of speech? I believe in freedom of speech. I may not like what you say but I would defend your right to say it. I do not want a police cyber state, that is not freedom.
  • This is a message for Mark Zuckerman (whoops wrong spelling..Zuckerberg). I have worked hard for community for 20 years. I desire a happier, kinder, inclusive world. I am trained in conflict resolution and peace education. I believe in speaking and sharing perspectives but not harming people. I believe that as a world we have to face what we don’t want to hear as part of waking ourselves up, that includes me. It is not to suppress it is to open up a world that is extremely suppressed, violence arises out of suppression. Yes we will hear things we don’t like, that offend, it is uncomfortable as we are hold strong beliefs that we are right but what if what we think is wrong, for someone else is right? Different cultures believe different things, how can we say our way is the only way when the world has 4 billion people on it. Is it not a good idea to allow discussion, argument, contrast, clashes, differences in the open so we can confront what is feared in a safe forum. We hold beliefs that are uncontested as glee clubs form around this to say ‘yes that is right’. Is it true? The Work of Byron Katie woke me up to questioning beliefs that are the primary cause of all the stress we feel, we blame others for how we feel rather than look into the fear refer https://thework.com/en.
  • In truth we live in a beautiful world where most people are out to do us good. This post speaks to that. We all want the violence to stop but we have to talk about it, we have to find solutions and empowerment. It is not to allow interests to skew discussions but to confront the issues. I was a market analyst and what I found was the median of voices is moderate, the extremes are on the margins. So why not allow the diversity and in democratic spirit, people choose. We speak about democracy but so few actually understand it is meant to be clashing and sharing this is community. What family operates smoothly? Openness is the best security in my view as what we know about we can address as resposible citizens..


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