Q&A in Australia Gives a Voice to the Children to Discuss Politics

This video below is ABC Australia Q&A which is a program airing politics usually with politicians on the panel.  Increasingly they are introducing citizens to the panel to contribute their views.  It is so refreshing.  It is the first time democracy has been experienced.  Most people are never asked.

I want to thank Tony Jones the ABC journalist and the team producing this program.  They have done a great service to Australia by enlivening democracy so we don’t lose it.  It is interesting as there are these ideological wars of left versus right yet ironically those on the right come on this program.  Perhaps they too learn that it is about diversity and we all have views, there is no left and right just ideologies seeking power and defining themselves.

Tonight is an excellent example of allowing young people to have a voice and in my view it is much more sophisticated to the shifting sand and deception of politicians. They don’t represent us for sure.

The young people hit the nail on the head and they showed compassion, caring and openness.  They were acutely aware of the brutality of government, the inhumanity with detention centres and one spoke of the absence of a moral compass.  What happens in politics is they believe people agree with them and go ahead with policies that are out of touch with the community or fulfilling someone else’s agenda – political lobby groups, powerful interests etc.

I agree with the young people that most Australians are left leaning, that is true.  Yet we have a parliament leaning right which reflects business men in my view and powerful interests.  All left is, is a awareness of social views, social issues and often humanitarian approaches.  It is hard to even understand why this is problematic in governance when their role is to represnet the public.  I guess it just shows how that is not happening anymore.  There is a deep cynicism in Australian society and deep disappointment at leaders not only in Parliament but those in governance as they simply ‘don’t care’ about what ordinary people think or want.  They see it as someone disloyal or dissenting when it is normal in a democracy to say what you think.  I grew up with that freedom.

I feel heartened listening to them, they inspired me.  I have produced a SPEAK UP Award to give kids a say on peacebuilding and sustainability refer https://www.worldpeacefull.com/childrens-speak-up-award/ I am still looking for switched on people  to help me make it happen for them.

If we want a future that exists in a healthy way we must empower the young as this is their world in the future but they are seldom given a real say and backed.  Also values were discussed tonight in Parliament, those of us teaching values must get support to be able to help the young reconnect emotionally and integrate values so they become rounded people.

I felt they have far more enlightened ideas and natural morality where they know when something is not right yet the politicians allow horrendous policies and then demonise opposition, it is no wonder bullying arises the institutional violence is embedded in what they perceive as debate when it is really verbal abuse.  It is really concerning, particularly the fact they can’t see it.

#QandA – Watch more at abc.net.au/qanda

This is a recording of the program on ABC television tonight.  It would be great for other countries to investigate this as a form of trialling real democracy that is about including diverse views, not just the few.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”