Byron Katie: My Child Won’t Forgive Me

I wrote ‘child’ as it can be a daughter or son or from the perspective of a father or mother.   It’s funny I just saw that when kids refer to their parents they typically say my mother and father as that is the family ordering.  I never say my father and mother.   My mother is the central one who frames the reality of family.

I know in Australia there are so many conflicts in families where we shut down to punish each other as that person didn’t turn up the way we thought they should. It is easy to judge.  Those around us look for the enemies, they can see you she says.  It is funny as I listen to her I know of some members of my own family who are critical.  Yes they are teaches, and I do get that.  The challenge is to be able to sit with them in the midst of criticism.  Could I do that without reaction?  Mate – when I can I will be walking on water definitely without sinking woo hoo.

Here is Katie with a mother having problems with her daughter.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”