Are You a Child of Unconditional Love?

A poem I felt to write in this moment to remember what is real in this world of concepts.  For me, only love is real.  Everything else is distraction.  This song sings to me the sentiment that is moving me to write.  My poem follows to find words.  I love you.  Why do I say this, I feel the words coming to me and I say it.  If you read it, it is for you.  It is not romantic it is a wishing well of well-being, as love is the being that is well.

I posted this before I looked at the footage.  I feel to comment on it as I felt inspired to post it but didn’t deeply listen.  I see my poem is similar. I am in love, all ways.  So are you, when you stop thinking.   These are thoughts that arose from the song, the poem on unconditional love is below the video.

The thorns of pain

Naked before truth

Kindness in the eyes

In boxes

Love is Heaven sent

Jesus is in the smile

What did you learn from the pain

We are all fragile

Find love exists

Will come to you at night

Love is bliss

Lovers come when there is no hope

The words people cannot say

Poetry is the song line

When you remember love it is part of you

Love everyone

When you have been loved you know what love is

The lover is always by my side

The lover is jesus to a child (highest love)


Why do you lie?

My friend,

Why do you bully?

Dear friend,

Why do you protect your interests?

As an end,

To a means?

Is this clean?

Is this bonifide?

Is this transparent

And crystal clear?

For what you do to others returns to the self,

Do you deeply know this?

When you deny your part a corresponding reply imparts

the wisdom of the fool,

Do you sense this?

For what goes around comes around,

For mountain trails are not straight they spiral


For heaven is in the smile that is genuine,

Peace is in the eyes that forgive,

Truth is in the heart that sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil,

As justice is blind to deception recalibrating fiction with indomitable facts,

Scales down to zero point.

Kindness is unaware of self-interest,

For this is the art of joinery,

Carefully aligning intent that fits a puzzle realised,

Loving kindness gives without condition empty of agendas,

For there is no need for gender when kindness sees what is loving,

And this gift can be the whistle-blower,

The umpire who blows the whistle for it is question time asking for time out!

This kindness can be the mirror that de-masks,

As clowns always see through the deception of the trickster,

For only Fools know the joke is the gold chain that links not the yoke that imprisons,

To wonder is to lift the eyes skyward expanding beyond clouds on rays of light,

To reveal yourself on reflection,

The clouds part to allow the light of clarity in blue skies,

As you feel the sun as me shining,

And I feel the sun as you shining,

As the truth is the sun set to discover The End is a new day,

Arising to our surprise,

As we learn Shakespeare’s fools will say:

“to be or not to be that is the question”,

Posed to you today,

As there are no mistakes in the universe,

For this is the uni-verse (one song) we are singing my friend.

Was it not Jesus who was an example to the world?

For he was not religious,

He was an activist of love,

He was the innocence of the child smiling,

He was wild yet seen as radical,

He walked naked before truth unafraid of exposure,

His begging bowl was offered to all and sundry (on Sunday),

As all get to choose between giving and taking,

For each decision tree defines who you become,

For was he a bludger or leading by example?

Did he sponge off the world or did he offer fellow travellers a way out of madness?

For no matter giving or taking he met each friend with equanimity,

As the sanity is unconditional love,

Under all conditions,

As freedom’s song is that all belong,

The lost and the lonely,

The poor and vanquished,

Those despairing and forlorn,

For true charity cannot exist in a loving world,

That sees all as the self,

Life is the diversity living without judgement,

That needs no gavel or final outcome,

As justice just is.

The highest intelligence is no thought,

For how can one know the stars, sun and universes?

In the thoughtless there is peace,

As we no longer conceptualise but realise ignorance is the true state of play,

Playing with life with the curls of curiosity watching the spiralling smoke signals,

As pointers, smoke signals that time is change,

For the thoughtful stressed mind is confusion,

This is the pollution manifesting in dumps, sinks and obsolescence,

For to ‘be’ without a story is the endless story without a plot,

It is the freedom of dream keepers catching rainbows in the mind’s eye,

Yet what if the only story was your freedom from fear,

To be yourself without abandon,

And that this dream can come true,

For me and for you,

As we are One family reuniting,

Sitting at the round table of equality,

For this is the quality of truth sharing puffing smoke signals from a peace pipe,

As caring shares love endlessly,

As endless love is an endless story,

With no story line only a song line,

That sings silently to you,

To come home into the heart of happiness.

For our soul is calling for closure of old stories to recreate what is new,

To be whole is reuniting the fools in the kingdom with no dominion,

As real dominion is the sovereignty of self rule,

Unfurling the silk purity of thought, word and deed,

This is the subtle seed that is planted carefully with consideration mindful of conditions,

For growth occurs over time under the wholesome petition,

For it must be nurtured,

It must be tended,

It must be remembered,

As nature is the only course of action in this curriculum,

Teaching the sum of the parts is the whole,

As karma takes its toll on negative intent,

Rebalancing the integrated mind,

Which hurts the self repeatedly.

No-one can win when another loses,

That is why my dear friend learning is the end game,

For in the end we are all shown the outgrowth of all seeds,

Were they good or evil (opposite to live)?

As false needs sprout in dark silos of ignorance,

And this is not a crime of passion,

It is misadventure,

For many missed the adventure in clever arguments to win at all costs,

When it was never about winning the argument,

But to find the creative idea is the play on words,

As the gold nugget was always buried,

As the Fool’s Gold has no value,

As transformation is not a digital highway lost in a matrix of illusion,

But transmutation of negative into positive intent,

An eternal violet flame alight at the shrine of remembrance,

Dancing into the heart of your silent inquiry,

Turning inward to discover your cosmos,

Is to come home alone,

For it is not the pot of gold at the end of fanciful rainbows,

It is when the rainbow is seen that the gold is received,

As we lift our head from cyber realities to discover 0,1 is not 0010110,

For the tree of life is a golden ratio of infinite possibility and symmetry,

When you have the ability to see to look,

That your fear was never real,

That life is the sacred seal,

Opening all petals at once beyond space and time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”