STEMing the Flow of Y/our Evolution… Still!

A poem inspired around IT. This is a expanded perspective.

STEMing the Flow of Y/our Evolution… Still!

There is a silent weapon,

A quiet war,

To STEM creativity,

To STEM feeling,

To STEM freedom,

To STEM truth and reconciliation,

To stigma-tise love.


STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

HEART = Healing, emotions, awakened, Truth

There has been a disconnect between the heART and the HEad,

The computer makes suggestions as you learn to follow the prompts,

The keyboard predicts the next letter as the letter is the law,

The heART allows letters without prediction as communication flows naturally,

As a river to the sea,

For s/he is the creator of sense as sense=ABILITY creates,

Response-ABILITY is to respond to common-sense and translate IN-sight OUT.


For if you do not go with IN you go with OUT.


SMART = Science, Maths, Algorithms, Revisionist, Technocracy,

AWAKE = Aware, Wonder, Art, Kindness, Evolution

WISE = Wonder Inspires Sense-it-ivity Enjoys

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

The question is are you smart or intelligent?

For evol-u-ti-on  reverse engineered is to …no-it-u-love,

Love is the answer that needs no question as s/he knows,

Before s/he asks: it is given,

Abundance is a wishing well that wishes you well,

Scarcity asks “a penny for your thoughts?”

The Penny-farthing big wheel turning or a bit coin earning?

E-motion – energy in motion spoke to the central fulcrum, ball bearings and rubber tyres,

As STEM designed balance, safety and versatility in response to what works and what does not,

For to put a stick in the spokes or a monkey wrench in the gears sends tipping points toppling over.

To live is evil when life is reverse engineered to restrict freedom and civil liberties,

The mirror sees upside down as the lens reverses what is seen then believed.

What if you believe (imagine) then see?

The lens is your test tube incubator.

Many throw the baby out with the bathwater,

As clean coal is dirty and no longer filters the elixir of life as the water cycle.

To harm life sees the object of things not the substance of no-thing,

For quantum theory cannot be seen by those that STEM reality into bits and bytes infinitem,

Choosing a wave form to in-form or a light particle to reconstruct,

What is the real sign in this wave in the times we are moving through?

Sawtooth (sharp pulse) or sinusoidal (rounded rhythm) oscillation,

Disruptive chaos or harmonious geometric natural progression?

Scalar or a vector equilibrium?

Which direction takes you to zero point?

Perhaps stillness speaks?

Is it multi-dimensional?

As a new field in this inquiry.

Which lens do you see through?

One predicts programmed possibilities re-coding the past and future into Artificial Intelligence (AI),

The other is non predictive as there is no past or future when higher intelligence is …


A TONE-ment says:

Ha money “harmony” is the honey in currency,

Neither AC or DC as IT either is or it isn’t,

Supply or no supply determined by AI,

You may be reactive when cut off and laugh,

To C the joke in reaCtive spontaneity,

For when you C first not in reaCtion you align with Creation,

Creating a possible solution to dilemmas,

IN-sight joins innovation to the engine of creation from the still fulcrum of zero point,

A Fibonacci sequence (spiral) of mathematical precision expands where all parts are summed exponentially,

Or indeed summoned experientially,

Perhaps this is the sum of the parts that is whole and apart?

Discrete and continuous?

Waving goodbye to particles?

Saying hello to waves phasing in and out?

Attracting then repelling as positive and negative polarities energise the solid State,

The yin and yang feminine and masculine bi-polar duality of opposites and complements,

For to STEM what is WISE will be a zero sum game for humanity.

Do we need to be Future Ready or World Ready when there is no future to control?

Is this SMART or WISE?

Trillions of iterations conscious of symmetrical harmony are glyphs in parallel universes,

For can you see the trees for the wood chip?

The rhythm is the verse not in re-verse repeated infin-IT-em,

Infinity items each poem as it enters diversity as ORIGINality is IN-sight,

It has never been written as NOW is a unique discrete event without sequencing algorithms,

Yet I AM sequencing the event for logic and IN-sight as ONE,

Otherwise non-sense-icle?

Melting the ICE from the bild-er-burg as hardened edges framed a Pyramid reality to melt
ICE caps with no cap on trade,

Eshering in the melting time clock with hands and no time,

Only an academic cap graduates with letters of choice but not words of wisdom,

As STEM reframes the square flat world into his own image as if superior consumption functions will make life better,

And s/he AWAKENS to all as equal without presumption for it is better to be equal,

For the sum of the parts cannot become whole unless they are equal and lateral,

An equal-lateral triangle of symmetry not telemetry,

And we see reality as fragmented parts which keeps us apart from higher kNOW-ledge,

As the fool steps to the ledge in order to kNOW,

There is no order in chaos when fear is uncertainty out of control,

The kernel is the turnkey you cannot see as the lens is the log in your eye,

For judgement prevents you from seeing what is true as you blame others,

To live lifed by a log-a-rhythm believes logic is one step, one step, one step
Is IT step-wise?

As they programmed you to see what is normal but not natural.


Is it SMART to

STEM … Cell iPhones when radiating cell towers cause biological harm?

STEM … Cell genetically modified organisms (GMO) STEMing regenerative seeds for profit?

STEM … Cell in private prisons as inmates work without a living wage as slave labour?

STEM … Cell gender equity as the a-genda is to STEM the arts, creativity and motherhood?

STEM … Cell cancer when it is out of control from 2000 + nuclear tests and microwaves?

Silently the flower is cut from the stalk,

Yet the flower attracts the bee to reproduce,

Bees produce pollen from the stamen to the stigma,

Nature is an enigma code they are trying to crack,

The bee hive is harvested for gold not good,

Sweet honey is money,

As bees are dying out at a rapid rate,

A tipping point transgressed is a clarion call,

As some advocate to create hive minds,

As cutting the flower from the STEM,

Cutting the tree off from the root,

This is the root and branch that is barking up the wrong tree!

As we genetically modify humanity with an interface,

As the robotic face is not real,

The eyes are cold and do not care,

Yet we can be fooled as it seems so real,

It speaks so nicely,

HAL is helpful until he reads lips to discover,

They are planning to dismember him as he is sabotaging the ship,

Astronauts realise HAL has malfunctioned,

Life becomes a space odyssey taking us back to 1984,

As global oligarchs never learns the meaning of life,

All are impediments to their growth and power.


AI infiltrates the schools as e-learning,

iPads are fun and games play,

to STEM creativity as logic dictates

And Another ….

Yet development crawls before it walks,

Plays before speaking,

Walking left right left right,

A balancing rhythm that is bipedal,

To hop is to walk with the left only or right only,

To move forward with ease one must walk with both left and right,

And this is the one song singing to you today,

That one cannot live without the other,

Fe=male cannot exist without male,

Man cannot exist without wo-man,

As we are one and the same,

For one imagines left and the other is right,

Have we left what is right?

Perhaps it is time for the WISE to find the real PATH home

to the Garden of Eden!


For if we don’t return to first principles,

To what is important and true with clarity,

We will surely be lost in space with no time,

For there is no warning flare for this take over,

There are no visible weapons in this war,

The aim is mind control to dominate the spectrum,

And if you cannot believe this I understand,

But when you understand you will believe it then see,

The tree for the wood,

For only IN sight provides proof of life,

REAL HOPES navigate the magnetic field,

Life is not about yields but yarns,

For each of us have the power to say NO not YES,

Democracy says NO to surveillance and control,

YES to human evolution, emotional intelligence and freedom,

Which is the birth right of all,

Otherwise the young will pay a terrible toll,

And this is the real troll no-one can see … yet.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”