Silicon Valley or the Mountain Top?

A poem I felt inspired to write this morning.


Silicon Valley or the Mountain Top


A prayer for you,

For you are the prayer

Of billions.


You believe you are not good enough,

Yet you are beyond belief,

You believe you cannot make the grade,

Yet you have surpassed being graded,

You believe you have no choice,

But even this is the choice to believe,

Life for you is hard work, no choice and never getting there,

Yet you are already there.


What if you believed a different story,

What if you saw the miracle you really are,

What if your failures were simply signposts on the way to success,

What if your uniqueness is brilliance,

What if your presence on this earth is making a difference,

What if your purpose is waiting for your flower to open,

What if you didn’t get it wrong but saw it differently,

What if you are not a systemic slave but a master in waiting,

What if….

You decide who you are,

Then live it.


For this is my prayer of you,

You are the stars, the sunlight, the earth, the rainfall, the dew alive but shaking,

As your precipice is here,

Do you stand on the cliff of your dreams,
do you step back or forward?

What if you step off into thin air as life supports your dream no matter the outcome,

What if the risk is simply changing your life story scripting a new line?

What do you see over the horizon?

A radar sending electromagnetic frequency,

Or a rising frequency seeking elixir?

Can you envisage your greatest vision?

For there is infinite possibility in your lifetime,

As you grow you will begin to know,

That you can step out of your comfort zone,

Yes, you may fall,

Yes, you may fly,

Yes, you may cry,

You may sing with perfect pitch,

Either way you move and oscillate,

Either way you learn and acquire,

Either way you grow and inspire,

For life deeply lives in uncertainty,

It was never designed to be predictive,

To predict is to control impossibility,

So how to make god laugh tell your plans with certainty,

Humanity is discovering uncertainty is not a data point,

You are not artificial intelligence nor street smart,

You are eternal and this is the art form that in-forms evolution,

This is the kernel of truth as a still point,

Setting all free to be ‘who they are’ without fear or favour.


For you need no army as you are not at war,

You need no defence as you are defenceless,

You need no drones as life is in order aware that control is chaos collapsing,

You need no loans to live where need=want,

You need no popularity as clarity is fulfilled,

As freedom is your very essence,

You cannot lose freedom you give it away,

Life is not silicon it is crystal line,

All choose – silicon valley or the mountain top?

Endless flow Ley lines without a circuit board simply power the grid to rebalance polarities,

Freedom needs no rights as it is a rite of passage,

Rights arise when real values decline,

All are free dominion when life is valued equally,

All life sings the same equality tone silently,

Every octave opens to the universal song where all belong,

So know you have come from eternal truth and will return to it,

And life is the present opening for you,

As you plant your renewable seeds new beginnings push through the hard surface,

Creating new conditions to germinate a new variety never seen before,

Shape changing the philosophers stone alone,

Releasing the angel releases each chip,

To flip the electromagnetic poles upside down for a global reset,

Just in time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”