Wake Up to A Re-New-Able World

We get so caught up in work, life and the drama’s played out on television. Yet ultimately we are all responsible for the shape of the world.  It is to stop and really contemplate our own actions and how they impact on life on earth and for the future of our species and all life.  I love this song by Michael Jackson as it really sends a message of the preciousness of life and if we keep on with our reckless disregard of impacts we may lose what we so treasure.  Of course the earth is our home and how we treat it reflects how we treat ourselves and each other.  So when we come into an awareness of our dysfunction we can reverse the evil (live) and learn to live in harmony with the natural system.

We have to heal our world by healing ourselves.  This is returning to ourselves, it is facing all pain and transmuting it through being present and allowing pain to be a teacher of who we are. Suffering is the resistance to pain.  Pain will lead us to balance as we are forced to find the answers from within (not outside). We are in times where pain is surfacing that has been suppressed over a lifetime or lifetimes.  To transmute it we must face it and experience it, forgive or laugh then it lets go.  Life will deliver experiences that make us face what we want to run from. However, the emotional body must be experienced as this is integration and peace. We have lived in our mental state ignoring the emotional. It may take time if we still blame the world (others, culture, government, people etc) for our predicament. Our true nature is harmony and when we discover life is lived (and created)  from the inside out we reverse the external paradigm (manifestation) and the idea of trying to make others change for us to be happy or benefit from them. We start to see we are the change we wish to see in the world. Perhaps this is akin to the video where we reverse our damage to ourselves and the planet (Earth Song). This is the renew-able world that is awaiting our attention.  The children are waiting for you to become present. Be as a little child – innocent. Always remember the enemy is within, can you hear me? Can you hear you?  Can you heal you? Can you look at the wo-man in the mirror.

I love you.

Something to contemplate.  I send you peace, love and healing.

Feeling inspired tonight…. wow.



Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”