Snowden, Democratic Liberty Sacrificed on the Alter of National Security

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, New York Times best selling author, former professor at Princeton University, activist and ordained Presbyterian minister. He has written 11 books,

The video is called ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’.  This is essential viewing in respect of the reasons why democratic liberty is diminishing.  This is indicative in my view of the deep state that controls the people and undermines rights.   The next blog will highlight a former CIA operative who is an insider and explains how this has happened and the real implications.

The criminalisation of dissent is the reality emerging and truth is hidden behind legal constraints or threats.

I have been to torture sites all over the world and have been awakened to the reality of how fear, totalitarianism and cruelty justifies itself through narratives of the ‘higher good’ when in truth it is about suppression and control with a complete disregard for human happiness.

Chris Hedges mentions Obama as this is published around 2014, however the issues are relevant today.  He provides insights into the deep corporate state.  It reveals outcomes that occur when values are given up for tenure, status and wealth.  When what is right is discarded as not being practical or not facing reality.  Principled people will never buy that when others are being harmed.  I saw the most courageous people in the jungles of Burma – the backpacking doctors, the teachers and environmentalists speaking up against multinational companies, governments and others.  I was deeply moved by the risks they were taking.  I saw the photos of the political prisoners who had said ‘no’ to abuse.  Bullying will only continue when good people say nothing.  Bullying is about taking power as the person bullying is feeling they need power and so they suppress dissent.  A person can be dehumanised, maligned, labelled or smeared to belittle them in the eyes of others so they lose support and see themselves as a lot less and feel under pressure to withdraw or submit, it is a bullying tactic.  It has been the way of the world for a long time.  If it is ignored the problem only grows.

This is a message to those surveilling.  I know there are a few looking at me, inclusive of the FBI given I published as a public journalist information in the public interest on Scott Ritter (former Senior Weapons Inspector in Iraq critical of US policy) and Major Douglas Rokke (former Director of the Depleted Uranium Project, Pentagon) who spoke about depleted uranium in the nose cones of missiles dropped in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans.  He spoke of the health affects and his great concern at spreading toxic material in other people’s backyards and the impact on the health of US soldiers.  He saw it as a duty to become a whistleblow. Scott Ritter was the same.  They both took enormous risks to inform the public.  I published this information as it showed corruption at higher levels and that deception was peddled to the international community as stopping weapons of mass destruction, it was about name change not regime change as Scott Ritter asserted. It takes courage to speak up like I am but I say to myself it is far worse to say nothing and later on feel the guilt of having remained silent.  That is what is wanted for people to feel the fear of intimidation and say nothing.  I will never say nothing if I know something is wrong.  Why?  because I deeply love both the perpetrator and the target.  It is out of the highest love for the one doing this that it must be exposed otherwise they become a runnaway train.  You only empower tyranny by allowing it.  It has to be stopped for the good of the tyrant. It is what love does.  They won’t see it that way, they’ll see threat, dissent and fear will move them to suppress, criminalise and harm that other.  Such is the power of fear.  Yet if dialogue occurred, if there was a mindset around sharing power, equality, rights etc. then there would be no need for conflict.  That is the perennial tension.

What we see is the intelligence community (illegal deep state) out of control, surveilling the public for speaking up in a range of capacities or sweeping global data (key words) to find anything that might indicate dissent or opposition, so the people don’t even have privacy to vent their frustration or say a few stupid things, they are watched (through computers, iPhones), the data is stored and it can come out later if powers desire silencing.  The cowardly part of this is that they are invisible.  So you can’t defend yourself or assert your rights, this is disempowerment through secrecy.

In my case I am a peacemaker, I am interested in empowerment so that is seen by some as threatening if their interest is war, secrecy and disempowerment.  In a democracy that should be respected, in a totalitarian state a person such as myself will be shutdown, as will Chris Hedges and Seymour Hersh and a wide range of other journalists.

He speaks of Congress authorised the Patriot Act, Section 215 permitting wholesale surveillance.  He states he does not trust the system to reform itself.  Before Snowden we had nothing, his revelations made us conscious.  George Orwell wrote in 1984 “until they become conscious they will never rebel.”  Societies such as ours that once had democratic traditions for periods when relative openness was possible are often the most easily seduced into totalitarian systems.  Those who rule can build totalitarian structures pay outward fielty to the ideals, practices and forums of the old system.  This is true when Emperor Augustus dismantled the Roman Republic, when Lenin and Bolishviks ceased control of the of the autonomous Soviets and ruthlessly centralised power, it was true following the collapse of he Vymar republic and the rise of Nazi fascism. Thomas Paine described despotic governments as a fungus growing out of a corrupt civil society and this is what has happened to us.  No-one who who lives under constant surveillance  who is subject to attention anywhere anytime whose conversations, messages, meetings, proclivities and habits are recorded, stored and analysed as free.  Corporate states assures us our rights are sacred, abides by the will of the people, the 4th amendment remains intact, and then our system has the consent of the governed.  The defence of liberty which Edward Snowden exhibited when he cast his fortune, his safety and his life aside to inform the public of the forces arrayed against our constitutional rights entails grave risks.  It demands personal sacrifice.  Snowden has called us to this sacrifice, he has allowed us to see who we are and what we have become… he speaks of overthrowing the corporate state. He speaks of civil disobedience.  We are the people we have been waiting for.  To find the moral and physical courage.

Edward Snowden and he gives him praise for having the courage to make the world conscious of surveillance.

It is far better to stand on your feet than live on your knees (even if they are shaking).  What do you think or feel?   Do you wait for your child to be tracked and monitored and watch them lose their rights?  We all get to choose.  That is freedom. Freedom is natural and it is who we are when we stop thinking and start breathing life.  I send love to all those who see differently to me.

I feel this message is accurate and it has come to me in inspiration for some time now.  He speaks of the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.  Great analogy.





Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”