US leaves Human Rights Council

I think all nations have human rights abuses.  That being said how do you learn to work together with those you disagree with?  This is the principle lesson for the United States and Israel.  Both have engaged in horrific human rights abuses Guantanamo Bay comes to mind, the wars in the middle east and of course the Palestinian population.

What the world needs I feel is real leadership that sets aside the past and starts to work on the reality of human rights.  People have a right to be human.  Many are finding their own governments problematic as dictatorial regimes are propped up with horrific human rights records.  The US is certainly not innocent in this.  I travelled South America and learned of the dictator Pinochet installed after the US removed President Allende a democratically elected leader on 9/11 interestingly enough.  The abuses in Israel have been going on for years despite calls around the world for protections of the Palestinian people, a two state solution as they are repressed and surveilled relentlessly.  Some governments around the world are seeking to implement the same repressive tactics to control their populations. What we require is enlightened leadership.  Perhaps it comes from the young people who do not hold the same historical memories as their parents.  Who actually want to see people get along.  To work towards honesty, acceptance of diversity and problem solving rather than throwing in the towel and leaving as things didn’t go their way. We have to stick together through differences, discord and not winning as true democracy is learning to listen, embrace a different view and respect we see differently.

The US is moving in a direction that will not serve them.  I send them great love and peace and may one day they can to really value the founding fathers values.  They were the true levies of freedom.  That was why they were once deeply admired.  Today people are questioning the US  government’s, multinational companies, the security agencies behaviour as many regard it as opposite to the values they say they believe in.  Questioning and critical inquiry is essential to democracy and it is vital for peace.  Leaving the game disgruntled is not good sportsmanship.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”