Byron Katie: Fears of Donald Trump

This is a really interesting video regarding questioning negative thoughts about Donald Trump.  It is a good example of how fear works and how we can free ourselves by using inquiry.

This is reflective of how power divides and how people take in the fear and allow it to bring great stress and unhappiness.… Continue reading

Fixating on Fear is the Illusion


I find it interesting when I think about how people typically form their worldviews.  There is a wonderful story about a little blade of grass in an ancient forest.  It casts a small shadow.   This shadow is not noticed by anyone else.  Yet this small shadow is what we… Continue reading

Tony Abbott Blue Tie Response to PM Resignation – Why?

My only question here is why would Tony Abbott wear a blue tie when responding to Julia Gillard’s resignation as Australian Prime Minister. This is an important question given the statement below:

As speculation about her leadership intensified, the Prime Minister said a government dominated by ”men in blue ties” would mean hard-won financial gains… Continue reading

Face Your Fear if You Desire True Peace

I had a dream of the Nazi’s and Jews and what I felt clearly was we have to face all fear.  I saw a documentary called Hitlers Children where the children of Nazi leaders were suffering from the legacy their grandfathers/fathers left for them.  They identified with the shame and guilt, as many… Continue reading

Inquiry – Terrorism and The Work

This is a transcript of an interview Byron Katie had with Deborah about the fear around 9/11.

This is another perspective on truth and living in the moment.  Byron Katie regards reality as what is happening now.  She says that how do you know you need something? you’ve got it, how do you… Continue reading

The Seville Statement: Violence is Learned Peace is Learned – Choose?


We can end war, hunger, exploitation today when we choose it.  We can teach peace and we can model love but it requires a good hard look at the world we all have created.  Violence is learned and equally peace is learned.  I do see it as a clear choice regarding… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”