Are SMART Cities Intelligent Design or Intelligence by Design?

The heading is symptomatic of how I feel about this issue.  Are SMART Cities Intelligent Design or Intelligence by Design?  The latter is what I believe it is about.  I refer to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who have warned the global community about surveillance, it is the core issue beyond… Continue reading

Internet of Things or Surveillance of Everything

For myself I will be upgrading to the inner net of no thing.  In no thing is everything in my view.  Imagine that whilst you still can.  Do we become Smart or intelligent?

I see the words ‘internet of things’ and this is the connectivity that in my view disconnects our humanity.… Continue reading

How Government Tracks Cellular (iPhones) Devices

The moral line in the sand is, how would you feel if you were tracked without your knowledge and not engaged in any crimes?

Is this ethical or not?

Interestingly enough this is popular but very questionable in respect of privacy and the rights of people to be able to live their lives without being… Continue reading

What is the Cost of StingRay Surveillance?

Inspiration around this subject today.

This quote is of concern:

“…The use of the IMSI-catcher is raising a heated debate in the United States because devices like StingRay and other similar cellphone tracking solutions are being widely adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country…StingRay allows law enforcement to intercept calls and Internet traffic,… Continue reading

Stingray Phone Surveillance

This is a product for sale to surveil mobiles.  They speak of the police in this website but anyone can access this technology to breach privacy.  Privacy is in the public interest.



Here’s How Much a StingRay Cell Phone Surveillance Tool Costs

It’s a rare look into the pricing and packaging… Continue reading

Stingray Spying on Phones and Non-Disclosure in Courts

I have been surveilled by the FBI and probably still am. I noted on my friend’s phone “FBI surveillance” literally in the wireless list, given she is not political it is likely it is me as I am speaking up more now.  I have posted a photo of this surveillance on this blog as… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”