Securing Home Affairs

Home Affairs appears similar to Homeland Security in the US.  Refer

I found this interesting yet ironically getting a job is not that easy.  I note there was media coverage of the Business Council waning to expand Professional Migration.  Yet we have 3,000,000 people in poverty and 116,000 homeless. We… Continue reading

The Terrorism of Bullying, Rape and Suicide

We hear the word terrorism and I see the word terror-ism the creating of terror for another. We can label those we deem causing it but it is wide spread when the intention is to harass, harm and create the conditions for a person to suicide.

The emotional detachment has to be investigated thoroughly. … Continue reading

La Trobe University: Cruelty Towards The Vulnerable

IBM Backs Stablecoin Running on Stellar Network

When I hear of block chain, bitcoin, crypto currency and now stablecoin I feel the currency market collapsing.  Innovative ways to maintain wealth.  Yet the real wealth is the rela lesson our world is learning.  Life is not about money, materialism or greed, it is about our shared humanity and the optimisation… Continue reading

Stellar Record of Australian Government Tax Office, Foreign Contractors and Bankruptcy?

My question is why not contract to Australian companies?

Why can’t call centres be organised here in Australia?

This would assist in bringing down unemployment, keep the profit in the country and contribute to the tax base rather than the risk of overseas tax havens, hiding money and other companies diverting profits.

I am becoming… Continue reading

Is Australian Defence Spending Out of Control?

This I suspected.  This quote is noteworthy:


“Defence spending used to account for little more than a fifth of government spending on procurement. Just seven years ago. Now it accounts for almost three-quarters of government spending.”

This requires investigation in the public interest.  Government spending needs to be independently audited in my… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”