Was Scott Morrison Sacked from Tourism Australia?

Character and ethics is critical in positions of leadership.  This article is reposted in the public interest. 

If the below is true there must be a public investigation. No person in this country is above the law and every person is accountable. Importantly everyone deserves a fair trial when allegations are raised.… Continue reading

Carl Jung’s Alchemy of Truth

Here are a few videos on Carl Jung.  I visited Bollingen when I was in Zurich with my lovely husband Paul.  We had the opportunity to walk through his home and I sat near the house looking at the mythological carvings, feeling the area.  I realise today I saw the philosophers stone… Continue reading

Emoto’s Messages from Water

When we are negative we actually affect the molecular structure of our cellular geometries.  The same applies when we are positive.  So the games we all play, the deceptions, the negativity, the bullying all affects our biology.  We are mostly water.  

Dr. Emoto taught the world through his experiments with… Continue reading

Vice Chancellors Salaries


This is updated from my previous blog on Vice Chancellors Salaries (will find the link).  This article appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald.

This is the key problem we face with universities and the Government’s privatisation of our public assets.

“Today the vice-chancellor is running a business.”

This changes everything as their purpose… Continue reading

Elephants Rescue Baby

This is a wonderful video that humans could learn from.  See how the elephants empower the baby to find its way then they get together and help the baby, saving its life.  

We think the world is all about us, we speak of ourselves, our economics, our smart cities but we forget we share a… Continue reading

Clooney Foundation and Justice of the Peace

This is a TrailWatch Conference launch.  I saw QC Geoffrey Robinson in the audience a famous Australian Queens Counsel who was well know through the program “Hypothetical” on ABC many years ago.  I thought of Julian Assange as I know Geoffrey’s daughter was representing him. Refer https://geoffreyrobertson.com/

When I was in court I… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”