SDG 16: Peace, Justice to Paint the Real Picture of Peace

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). No. 16 is a Turnkey!

A business philosophy of profit maximisation to profit self interest is not able to create peace no matter the soothing narrative.  You have to be peace in order to experience it. It is not a temporary state, it is not unlike love, when… Continue reading

UN Global Compact

This information is from the UN Global Compact.  It appears about corporate sustainability.  Is corporate sustainability the core issue or is it planetary ecological homeostasis the real goal?  

There is discussion of working with government and civil society but in my view it must be equal partnership and balanced. … Continue reading

Is Sustainable Development Sustainability or Homeostasis?

This is important to understand as it defines the problem.  

For me sustainability is where need=want, albeit needs and wants that do not denude natural systems but maintain homeostasis. 

We have assumptions that the business design is sustainable, my question is – is it true?

Have we considered changing business in an… Continue reading

Global Compact – Australia

In the public interest. 

Note organisations are predominantly businesses involved. 


Is this inclusive of civil society or is it about restoring trust in business?

2020 Vision Action Platform for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Webinar

September 5, 2018

Co-moderator:  Christina (Australian)  Ulysses Smith, CEO and President of Telus Government Advisors , 2016 SDG Pioneer Goal 16 (American). 

The Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Panel 1: Spirit of Goal 16
  3. 2020 Vision Overview
  4. Panel 2:  2020 Vision in Practice
  5. Q&A
  6. Call to Action
  7. Close

WEBINAR CLICK HERE:… Continue reading

Corruption and the Rule of Law – Should Judges be Immune from Prosecution?

Are ethics like mission statements just touted to given an impression of values and integrity or do we actually enshrine within our culture and Judiciary real values and integrity as an example to people as to why the rule of law is fair?  If it is not fair or open then faith in Judges… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”