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What about Privacy with Intelligence Agencies – 5 Eyes?

This is an overview by Wikipedia of the 5 Eyes surveillance.  My question as a citizen is what do we do when intelligence agencies target us for speaking up for democracy, equality before the law, honesty, justice and freedom from abuse?  What if there are military/corporate/government alliances?  Intelligence Agencies, it states below,… Continue reading

Australia’s Data Breach Law: Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016

I haven’t read the legislation but I believe that the OAIC should have the powers to investigate data breaches when these issues are raised.  I had the experience of this not occurring last year.  I definitely know there is something going on with my blog as a black post opened.  I have… Continue reading

A 6 Trillion+ Endless War Footing Marching over Civil Liberties, Human Rights and the Rule of Law

I send love to the more than 500,000 people who have been killed as a result of friendly fire, collateral damage.  I send love and peace to the families who never get over their loss.  Endless war is the footing that never stops marching as each step means profit.  To profit from… Continue reading

The Guardian: Is Espionage Bill to Silence Democracy?

When countries choke off freedom of speech, freedom of assembly etc. particularly in countries where we are born with it, it will not succeed.  I just felt this as I was reading and stopped bolding. I felt it, it won’t work.  I recall Gandhi representing Indians under brutal rule in South Africa and… Continue reading

Violent Crime Linked to Gaming as Mass Killers Addicted to Violent Video Games

Yesterday I saw a Jester being killed with a pool of blood.  A little boy of 8 was laughing as he tried to kill the Jester, is this what you want your children to do.  I spoke to him and I asked him what he thought about killing.  He said it was… Continue reading

Is Surveillance Capitalism Breaching Your Privacy?

There is the silent infiltration of surveillance capitalism quietly reaching into all lives online.  I have had a little black box open up on this blog which appears to be something to do with surveillance.  I blogged it a few days ago.  Surveillance awakened me to risk management, control and disregard for… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”