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Snowden Traitor or Trailblazer?

To face and respond to one’s critiques is the single most important act of courage.  As it opens a door to look into yourself.  Your critiques are the ones who are there to show you to yourself, it is up to you to see the gift in this or to see an enemy.… Continue reading

Hugh Mackay: Beyond Belief

I love the title.  I have often felt inspiration around these words.  Truth does not reside in our belief system concocted by us, it is beyond belief that truth expresses.  As the manifest world has come from beyond belief.

From Hugh’s website…


Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

What do people actually mean when they… Continue reading

Hugh Mackay A Social Barameter of the Good Life

I tried to gain work with Hugh when I was in my 20’s. I always was drawn to social issues as I am interested in our society.  Over the years I contact him as I feel to connect.  He has done a wonderful service for Australia in giving us information on what is… Continue reading

Is Coal or Climate Change in the Public Interest? Why a Moral Dilemma?

The issue with coal is to do with influence in politics in my view.  I remember the Mining tax  and how it was lobbied to be removed.  We have seen Al Gore’s film Inconvenient Truth and the power of the energy industries to create studies critiquing climate change when there is 100%… Continue reading

The Climate Change of Economics

We need re-new-able economic thinking (and feeling).

Research Evaluation in Economic Theory and Policy: Identifying and Overcoming Institutional Dysfunctions

In a memo for the G20, INET calls for… Continue reading

The Elders, Climate Crisis and the Long Walk to Freedom

I think many feel to act now as it is urgent.  We have to work together for a future that benefits everyone.  We have to learn how to live on this planet (not go off and colonise other planets) but face the problems we have collectively created and CHANGE what doesn’t work. … Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”