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Shooter Games Friendly Fire or Training?

The video is a shooter game.  The person’s words are recorded below.  Listen to the young man, his language and the objective of killing. 

Here are some links to educate and awaken the idea that war is not a game.

This footage in this article looks like shooter footage, yet is is… Continue reading

Fahrenheit 11/9: Are We Losing Our Democracy?

BLOG:  Peace is Our True Nature

Susan from Worldpeacefull comments on Michael Moore’s latest film FAHRENHEIT 11/9 appears the mirror of 9/11.

What is your reflection?

It is really the next step 11/9 2.0. The war on terror led to the door of fascism, same same but different?

This video is a discussion… Continue reading

5G or not 5G? – 20,000 Satellites, 1 Trillion Transmitters by 2020

In the public interest. There has to be a public inquiry into 5G rollout to ensure it is safe.  What are the implications of 20,000 satellites (commercial) and 1 trillion transmitters plus in

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

There are 100,091 signatories from at least 187 countries as of June 7,… Continue reading

Open Letter to ARPANSA re: 5G

An Open Letter To ARPANSA In Response To Their Press Statement

A few days ago ARPANSA- the Government body responsible for the standards and guidelines regulating the rollout for 5G in Australia, published the following facebook post.

Do you need the facts on #5G?

Not from you, ARPANSA, given you… Continue reading

Ted Talk: Silicon Valley Technologist Wake-Up Call Smart Meters, Wireless & Children

Jeromy Johnson shares his wake up call to the world about wireless technology, particularly children. I realise I posted this before, it feels important.  It is a wake up call for sure.

He says he got into this topic 5 years ago, he was a young technology enthusiast, worked in Silicon Valley, always used… Continue reading

“The Circle” of Silicon in the Valley

When I was reflecting on this I felt Squaring the Circle (containment) and I felt for the valley (depression) caused by silicon.  I flet Mountain View wa the goal but you cannot have that peak experience until you bcome humble as this changes what you see.  The mountain view is metaphorical but it is essentially… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”