Julian Assange Speaking About CIA Spying

I felt moved to publish this video below.  I ask – why do people spy? What is the fear moving them to do this? Why do we need to control? Why is privacy becoming a moral mirage of the past? Is intelligence accurate? Is knowing the enemy a way to feel security? Is there an enemy? What if what we see in the world is a mirror of ourselves? What if there is no enemy only fear moving us unconsciously to feel safe.  What if we are safe when we think positive thoughts? What if unifying the world as one civilisation is the greatest global security?

I’ve been reflecting on control and the great fear that drives it.  The world of men tends to be wired over centuries to fight opposition, to see the negative, to see enemies and to suppress the emotional side of their intelligence as they perceive it as weak, given the feminine.  What if emotions/feelings/intuitions were the real navigators that open awareness to our shared humanity? What if ethics is security?  What if friendship de-escalates potential conflict?  What if empathy opens dialogue? What if conflict resolution opens up a space for options and solutions to empower problems solving together? What if your enemy is feeling the same as you?  What if – what you do to others returns to self? What if life is circular?

I see Wikileaks in a way is a player that has manifested in response to the secrecy of information gathering that is not in the public’s real interest. Perhaps energetically the public is sending its own message through supporting of this type of organisation and a strong desire for a see-change.  Governments and agencies are paid for by their constituent populations yet they are not accountable when secret.  So what of democracy in intelligence agencies? What of visibility? What of openness? What of values? What of life, liberty and the pursuit of happines for the world?  Does this type of positive narrative make them vulnerable or does it give other agencies around the world permission to change and de-escalate the war within.  What if the CIA transformed itself into Citizen Initiated Action, that is, action on behalf of citizen initiatives? Serving those that pay for them not faceless persons with money and influence subverting the freedoms the US was so famously admired for. Indeed, undermining those very freedoms that was the true strength of the US.

The idea is that your intent and actions create the future, so if you want a world that is visible then you have to BE visible.  If you want a world that is secure you BE secure.  If you want a world that is stable, you BE stable.  If you want freedom then give it to others.  That is how it truly works.  This is how the Universal Law of Attraction works, it is a powerful univesal law not created by us, it is natural.  Basically whatever you look at wittingly or unwittingly coupled with strong emotions you attract.  It is a vibrational universe.  We all vibrate in accordance with our emotional state of being. The universal laws naturally evoke that what you focus on you expand. Sounds magical, we do it all the time consciously or unconsciously, the War on Terror is a case on point, it has indeed expanded given the focus. So if we keep focusing on what is not wanted as the ‘enemy’ then we see it more and we expand it, the threat expands, the need for defence expands, the need for more weapons expands, more intel expands and on it goes.  So in truth the negative focus attracts it as energy moves in response to consciousness.  Our thoughts literally create. Do you understand?  So you may think you are working for the betterment of humanity or some higher ideal or you may be clear that you are pragmatically seeking to surveil to control in order to further special interests. Whatever your belief, you attract what you focus on.  That is the law.

For myself I am training myself to not see any enemy, to see life as turning up in accordance to my thoughts, words and actions.  Self responsibility. I cultivate and practice love within myself and start to see the world differently opening positivity within myself. The fear within myself de-escalates and what I am realising is that negative things come less and less.  If something does come then I see it as an opportunity to practice unconditional love as this is a universal energy that dissolves negativity and interestingly, karmic patterns. The challenges are coming from teachers not enemies, there is something coming that is a message for you. Can you look deeper into what life is communicating to you?  Can you deeply look at you and how you feel?

The only real question is for those engaged in these clandestine (ie. clan, destiny) activities is – Are you okay with others spying on you? Are you at peace with your information (secrets) being made visible?  If not what is the discord (fear) that is coming up for you?  Can you face it and sit with it? How do you feel about yourself?  What are the fears? What is the vulnerability? What is the embarassment? etc. If you feel negative it means you are not aligned with your inner truth, it doesn’t feel good, you are moving against what you know to be true within yourself.  If you feel positive and peaceful that is how you know if you are working in alignment with your life purpose.  You have to live with yourself.  For what you do to another returns to the self. This is universal energy response it is not people, as life is energy.  This means through our thoughts and actions we are ultimately the creators of our reality, we are the cause for what returns to us, some call it karma (energy response not punishment).  Many see themselves as victims of life (powerless) and that something has happened that they must defend against to stop it. The more you push against the more you create it. The more you focus the more you give energy to create it. This is the blueprint of nature within which we are all part.

I felt to share this blog with those in this area as a loving message.  I surveilled people (with permission) through market research and have also been the subject of it without my permission.  What I realised is that I cannot say anything democratically when this happens. If they get it wrong or are of a different mindset that doesn’t understand my motives I have no way to be heard. If there is no dialogue there is no learning or change. The adversarial approach undermines democracy rather than promoting it. In its nature it is not inclusive it is at war on some level. What I’ve realised is that negative labelling of people creates the enemy and people believe the demonised person deserves no rights, freedoms are removed, discussions occur behind closed doors, attitudes of remove the problem rather than look within arise.  Democracy actually disappears when this happens as groups target people rather than problem solve. They feel justified in removing liberty and actioning cruel actions as acceptable and necessary.  Does control and punishment change attitudes and behaviour? This is a fundamental question. I have been demonised and judged as others sought to force a change in me which I was unable to do, as I couldn’t be what they wanted.  The issue for me was both emotional and values based. I wanted to comply but I couldn’t as I had to know the truth of a matter as there were two sides. I was open to being wrong but was really seeking an equal seat at the table to work it out for a win/win (democratic). Those I was dealing with had a adversarial mindset of win/lose and they had unquestioned beliefs that they were right and that I was wrong. This dichotomy locks us into conflict.  The door out of this is the possibility that the decision is wrong or other possibilities are there. It became intractable as a conflict.  I observed this interaction awakening to the idea that fixed positions keep that other locked in conflict and denial as their methods are not working. What they are seeking is not happening yet they stubbornly look at the other, rekindle stories that justify their position unable to look at themselves.  In addition, they would have to imagine what the other ‘needs’ to start to move towards the middle finding the shared ethical ground.  If they cannot do that then it locks.  Yet my inner feeling was to always treat them with respect, share all my information (full disclosure) so they were informed (visibility), choose to see them as teachers not enemies as I allowed my life to be vulnerable to attack by those who do not understand my true nature.  It was not easy to go through this experience as you feel psychological vulnerability and your life may feel threatened. Isolation can occur when no-one believes you and so on.  I chose to stay with the feeling and not run. I chose to speak my truth to the best of my ability and also look at where I am wrong. Where I may be fooling myself. Self honesty is really important if you want conflict to de-escalate. It is not about protecting the ego, it is valuing truth more highly as a gateway to higher understandings. This is the spiral that leads us to realisation. That is the path I am on through questioning fear. Fear actually can lead you to where you want to go if you use it to face yourself.

It was a good experience for me as I found myself empathising and understanding the feelings of those who have been politically demonised around the world. Yet within myself I have this deep feeling for peace and love for everyone.  I am lucky that this comes naturally to me. So I can look at their ignorance and see my own, I can look at their negativity and see my own, I can look at their fear and see my own.  They are me.  This is the vibration of universal harmony that sees first (within) then looks.  So what in me is feeling fear and attracting this? Can I meet it with love and allow it to unfold? Can I see it as life showing me something interesting? Can I understand power dynamics through experience? Can I feel my own energy creating the next step. Can I be grateful for the people who appear to be not seeking my best interests.  Perhaps they are – from a higher perspective.  Can I sit with that? The enemy for me dissolves as I see my own fear as the real work of peace. That is how I work it through now.  I am moving beyond conflict resolution although across the planet people haven’t even learned this modality as a means to understand others and themselves. I am understanding the world is a mirror and a mask of myself helping me to see myself in spaces I do not want to look.  Life keeps bringing it back.  It is the same as the Wikileaks/intelligence agencies energy dynamic. It has arisen as a gift not a real threat.  Byron Katie (see thework.com) would say that the snake is a rope. It is not to hurt you but to help you see the dark aspects of yourself that you have denied and hidden through group think and a justified culture of violence. That is the service Julian is giving the CIA.  I wonder if any in this agency (and others) can see that? I see it clearly. He will help them come out of the deep dark hole they have created believing it is justified. Yet in truth the secrecy is leading us into a 1984 scenario which the people of the world do not want.  There is a funny cartoon that shows a gate and a sign on the gate which states: This Dog Bites.  So you go in accidently and get bitten. The dog bit you.  If you go in again and get bitten then you bit yourself.

The Law of Attraction will manifest what we focus on. It is a bit like a voting system, your thoughts cast your vote. What you think about you bring about.  Imagine if we focus on peace. Imagine if we focus on unity around the world. What if with this positive intent we solve the climate issue as we can put resources into balance and homeostasis. What if we invested in developing the emotional intelligence of humanity to see itself as each other? Balance genders. What if we lived in a world where everyone is raised in positive families and learn that the purpose of life is problem solving and expansion of potential? What if the purpose of people can be freed up to expand into unexplored frontiers that are fun and illuminating? Importantly – what is the world you envisage for your children? Do you want them plugged into technology? Do you want them anxious as they believe the world is dangerous? Do you want them spied on? Or do you want them to be happy?  Do you want them smiling and learning about life in a positive way where they are responsble for resolving conflicts, where they share their things with others, where they find positive friends, where they get involved in what they love?  That is my wish for your children.  This is my purpose as a peace clown. I want you and they to be happy. That is why I am writing this now. You are me.

I send you love and peace. May the US as a community find its real security with-in rather than with-out. 

Below is Julian Assanges message regarding spying and breaches of privacy through technology and the challenges he faces as a whistleblower.  Do we want a brave new world or a world that is brave? Pehaps the latter as democracy birthing self awareness is the real security.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”