Are There Links Between Nuclear Power and Weapons Proliferation?

The theme I am moved by over the last two days is nuclear. I find my heart reaching to understand the dynamics behind North Korea and US stand off and how it is configured in respect of geopolitics and power.

Below is another article by Wise Amsterdam that draws links between nuclear… Continue reading

Authentic Peace in the World

Michael Brown discusses the real peace that passeth all understanding.  It is not about making peace it is about looking at what is obscuring our awareness of peace.

A wonderful teacher of peace who doesn’t make peace.  He is very clear that peace already exists.  Thinking is mental therapy. If people restore… Continue reading

The Power Matrix of Infinite Possibilities




He who owns the gold rules the world,

Is the old adage,

Age old belief,


Free trade or sanctioned?

By the ruling elites.


For the power matrix,

Coaxial cables,

Electronic surveillance,

Subterranean pipelines,

Mainlining the good oil,

An addiction of endless wars,

As competition is… Continue reading

Old Fossils Energising Wars


He who owns the gold rules the world is the driver.

The last point first:

Twenty-first century energy wars: how oil and gas are fuelling global conflicts

“…In a fossil-fuel world, control over oil and gas reserves is an essential component of national power. “Oil fuels more than automobiles and airplanes,” Robert Ebel of… Continue reading

Oil Wars

Just following a thread here.  Oiling the wheels of industry or the squeaky wheel gets the oil?    Energy as power is visible.

Clearly the picture is the Middle East.

What would happen if the dependency (addiction) went cold turkey?  I feel something in the word ‘Turkey’.  Perhaps answers are there.… Continue reading

Is CIA Director Pompeo A Possible Pompeii? Human Rights Watch?

Energy appears to be the right qualification.  It appears the US will focus on energy as the pipeline for generating wealth and a primary policy platform.  Will trade be decoupled from human rights violations?  According to Human Rights Watch there is real concern that surveillance and torture are permissible.
The wise words… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”