Fukushima Update: Environmental Perspective 2018

Jerome announces himself as the sane environmentalist. This is a perspective from a environmentalist sharing his viewpoint and concerns about Fukushima and assessment by the Japanese government information about this incident.  This is recorded September 10 (prior to 911).  He makes a point about the buildings collapsing and questions the structural damage and… Continue reading

Fukushima Update: First Reported Death, 2018

This is an article by the ABC, interesting to note that the Japanese people do not want nuclear yet according to ABC:

“Seven reactors have come back online after a protracted relicensing process.”

This is extraordinary given it was an earthquake that caused the nuclear meltdown.  Clearly Japan is not stable.  Why would… Continue reading

Nuclear Pioneers in the US Playing with Matches?

I make the comment about playing with matches as I feel the nuclear issue is reflective of children playing with matches exploring the fire, the power of nature and not knowing how dangerous it is.

The words ‘we know not what we do’ comes to mind.


What is the intent?

What is real power?… Continue reading

Los Angeles Nuclear Secret Contaminating the Public

There are arguments that nuclear can be clean. The issue in this video raises the issues of big business lobbying to stop clean ups in respect of rocket testing in the United States. The company in this report is Boeing.

This reflects the loss of democracy in practice. It is why the public must have… Continue reading

Nu=Clear Thunder

A poem I felt inspired to write today.




This is a song line,

It is a moving line,

It is an unbroken line,

In the sand.


I saw a nuclear explosion,

In my dream,

The sky was blood… Continue reading

Mother Do You Think they’ll Drop the Bomb?

Another powerful song of Pink Flloyd.  Should you build the wall and keep everyone out? Are you just another brick in the social wall?

Pink Flloyd were a social voice of our time seeing through the walls that divide us.  Revealing our fears and questioning the world we are creating.  This is… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”