Nu=Clear Thunder

A poem I felt inspired to write today.




This is a song line,

It is a moving line,

It is an unbroken line,

In the sand.


I saw a nuclear explosion,

In my dream,

The sky was blood red,

I was pulled into an antic,

A man was with me helping me,

I didn’t sleep all night,

As I grieved my world,

A part of me is dying,

To live.


We are living in a world of make believe,

Some make us believe,

In what is not true,

As they shape change story lines,

Edit the script,

Spin the truth in webs of deception,

I sit reeling,

As I am feeling,



Cyber networks eavesdropping,

Not leaves dropping,

As autumn becomes the winter of our discontent,

The orphan is outside the window,

The warm families laugh and sing in the warmth inside,

Outsiders and insiders,

As money is the line of control,

Left wanting.


Money buys inclusion,

Money buys acceptance,

Money crafts images and roles,

Money directs energy,

As prices rise and fall,

Walls on the street keep in,

Then keep out,

Inquiries into misappropriation,

Embezzling the seeds of greed,

As addiction must get another fix,

A tourniquet is tightened in order to mainline,

What feels good.


Families divide as judgement decides,

What is right or wrong,

Yet opinion pieces is not peace,

As anger is released,

To draw a line in the sand,

Are we each others keepers?

Or should they just eat cake?

Can we come down from mountains of indifference?

Into the dirt of what is real,

In valleys that feel like depressions,

Can we reach out over lifeless plains?

To find each other,

As we are same same but different,

As indifference is the gavel that cares not,

Yet truth is the thunderbolt that strikes out at ignorance,

This shakes up and clears the air as untruth divides,

Love unites,

On time.


To say what you think,

Can be rough,

Can be indignant,

Can be emotional,

Can be distressing,

Yet it is undressing to become naked before truth,

It is to be who you are without fanfare and smooth recitals,

It is to be fair in the end as the dust settles,

For we must become clear,

Every one of us,

And take the risk of losing the battle,

To find the success in letting go,

Of what does not serve us.








Precise wording,

Reports, briefings, papers

Know not truth,

For truth can only unite in the end,

When it is heard,

For you must listen to critique,

You must allow for challenge,

You must be prepared to be outed,

For we are all under the spot light,

As truth is the arbiter in the end,

That sustains all life but not the lie of indifference,

Which sits on the fence,

After creating chaos,

Yet as I have written chaos has an underlying order,


And that must play out whether we like it or not,

There are no mistakes in the universe.


For it is the one song singing,

A moving line for all to hear ….

We are each others keepers,

And as night follows day,

We cannot bare false witness to another,

For the highest respect is full disclosure,

The dark and the light is no longer hidden,

For we are a leaf out of the world book

Or perhaps the tree of life,

And the root of this drama returns to love,

For this is the dove waiting to land in freedom,

Awaiting your attention,

Why not surveil for that?

And all war dissolves
to move us beyond
the cloudy mist

Of mass extinction.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”