The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle to Discover the Law of ONE

The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle
to Discover the Law of ONE


What is corruption?

Cor’rupt’ion ‘phthora’,

A rupture in the body politic?

A standard deviation from the error of the estimate

of minimum standards,

Where the ends justifies the means.


The usher of the Black Rod stands at West Minster,

A golden lion atop an ebony staff hails traditions carbon dated from 1361,

Symbolising the power of office,

The Queens representative,

A salient symbol of the Commoners’ independence from the monarch,

The doors slam in the face of the Black Rod bearer blocking entry to the people’s house,

To urgently tap the rod three times,

To open the House of Representatives,

To summon Ministers,

Pomp and ceremony opens access and maintains social order within the Lords Chambers,

As this was the symbolic restraint on power of the people by the people,

Preventing the excesses of authoritarian rulers used against the commoners.


The Senate became the house of review to check what balances,

Restraining totalitarianism justified by the laws of the landed gentry,

For critical questions, Socratic dialogue and contesting voices open inquiries rather than blind obedience in fear of death,

To ensure the scales tip away from corruption of private interests to good governance in the public interest,

As unjust laws must be defeated in the review,

To ensure the Justice of the Peace,

This is the Peace in Justice.


One can knock on the doors of Parliament but there is no response or entre,

No public questions just-in-time at Question Time,

As compliance directives deviate from the letter of Constitutional law,

Law is firm in letters to threaten and bullying one into immoral submission for fear of rendition,

Fearsome penalties dissuade popular agoras with crimes of illegal sedition (1919) [#10,10],

A petition can summon governments as contract law files transgressions of pacific partnerships excising the common-wealth data-base of tax income,

To realise government represents the people as contractees in name without knowledge,

For who knows or cares what is ‘best’ in the public interest?


Treason trespassing on private property rights,

The Roman law of treason tries for slander (defamation) penalising as confiscation lists property.

Ruling classes are ‘bred to rule’ schooled in lineages of entitlement and privilege,

Working classes are ‘born to work’ fooled in lineages of enslavement to property as a rite of passage,

Is that right?

The Opera houses culture, refinement and higher l/earning as love dies gallantly in a heroes demise,

The poor scrimp and scrape as the great unwashed, unsightly, for they could be thieves in the night,

Is that right?

The homeless sleep on streets or in shelters diminishing market values of prime real estate,

As silver service table conversations advising ‘Move on’ orders to remove this blight out of sight,

Rather than solving the great inequity of unrest for they have no time to sleep perchance to dream,

As the silent screams of not being ‘seen or heard’ realise no crumbs fall off the table top mountain,

As they rise up to be repressed as the test case – that fear rules okay!

A dynamic plays out for centuries in conquests, agoras, plenaries, conferences and boardrooms,

A never ending story of haves and have nots dividing the pie as finite limits to growth,

In poverty and privilege,

In inequality and deception,

That is reaching out for critical mass,

As the masses become critical of corruption coming to light in their name.


I sit silently at peace near the spinning wheel of nonviolence,

I hold the rod and contemplate the state of play

that is no longer fun for many,

The laws are not moral levies restraining the seed banks of greed,

The banks are not separated from deviant derivatives betting on future collapse,

The gold man fills his sacks and adorns his ski mask,

For what happened to the gold standard?

Was it a fool’s gold?

Many lawyers are not knights defending the honour of clients to ensure a fair hearing,

The playing field is not level when cards are stacked under the table changing hands,

Dice are loaded to land on the right numbers in this crown (royal) casino of insider trading,

A royal flush of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and number 10 is the boys clubs with no hearts,

Playing for yields on investments in perpetuity live off rising rents to hold all the master-cards,

For the class that works upholds the pyramid scheme making ends meet by rightful means,

As systemic corruption enshrines rightful ends justify wrongful means,

To render excessive profit as the entitlement of unequal access,

When virtues are retrospective of the enlightenment of wisdom,

Wise philosophers ask many questions as they break the levies of banks,

To resurrect inquiries of abuse, violence and deception as the seat of power,

That was not a Lincoln memorial on life, liberty, happiness and equality,

As question time blocks supply and demands reparations as a consequence for abuses of power,

For if unchecked the scales tip in favours of exponential power of abuse.


Inquiries into cor-rupt-tion ask …

Is this the sleight of hand that appears legitimate?

To bury truth, pay slips off-shore, negotiation of power behind closed doors (secrecy),

Enacting star chambers when threatened,

To remove checks and balances, scrolling down rights of review,

Restricting security access as turnkeys transform keypads, fingerprints and swipe cards,

Hidden chambers of secrets under the symbolic pyramid on das capital hill.


A parliamentary tri-angle not of mind, body of spirit but executive (structural pyramid), defence (eagle eye) and City Hill (civil society),

Was power ‘to be or not to be’ in defence of civilians?

Canberra means indigenous ‘meeting place’ of the many tribes symbolic of a burley Griffin,

The Griffin symbolises divine power, The Guardian of the divine,

Overcoming fear is to honourably approach the noble Griffin and fly in freedom,

Griffins pulling the chariots of the Pharaoh, Apollo, Nemesis and Alexander the Great,

A shield of the knights, sacred to Apollo, a protector from evil and slander, to ascend Christ.


Sacred geometry circles the square,

A Vesica Piscis of intersecting circles,

Cross land and water axis connecting sacred sites as such:

The Parthenon with Mount Salamis to the west, the Horns of Mount Hymettos to the east of Athens

The Axis Urbis of Rome penetrates to the Alban Hills, six ancient shrines are built on a north-south axis stretching from Anzio through Lanuvio, Nemi and Tuscolo to Tivoli with Monte Cavo as the pinnacle – the sacred mountain –

Akin the Griffins’ Bimberi Peak in Canberra,

Buildings sited to embrace protective mountain forms,

The White Tiger and the Azure Dragon, with a slow moving body of water in the distance
(Lake Burley Griffin)

The geometry of the Circle and the Cross: Genesis and Hermeneutic of the traditional Cosmology,

Societies linked by mythical logic,

To disseminate knowledge intent on reviving the paradigms of ancient cultures largely as a means of combating materialism and decadence which they saw as endemic to modem society,

A revivification of the Golden Age,

Sacred and divine orders which belie Athens and Rome,

Thus the Caput Mundi!


Egyptian Pharaohs arose geomantic constructions from the dust,

A north-south axis of prime time meridians dividing Egypt in half,

Linked in to a pre-dynastic capitol of Behdet, an island in the Nile north-east of the Great Pyramid of Giza with Memphis, the capital of United Egypt as the Great Cateract, an outer boundary to the north, originally marked by a pyramid,

Meridians siting the Great Pyramid determine the bounds of an equi-lateral triangle,

The siting of the two capitals on this line established both as geodetic and political centres at the ‘navel’ of the world,

For position of place,

And place in position,

Is the energetic blueprint of a harmonic convergence,

For all rivers run wild.


Democratic idealism fuses with organic naturalism into a public city,

A City Beautiful geometry transcends Smart Cities of cable networks,

Re-balancing energies out of harmony with the whole for peace sake,

Symbolically ‘warning off’ notices that corruption is destruction in-form at risk of losing face,

A fall from grace,

Can only be a race to the bottom.


Please remember as the division bell tolls  …

The Unity of all life,

Is the flower of life,

Informing diversity within unity,

Reflecting the great in the small,

Relying on the same laws of correspondence between the cycles of earth and heaven,

As human thoughts are subordinate to divine forces coordinating energy matrices,

To mirror ‘as above, so below’,

Aligning all activities and ambitions in harmony with the higher nature,

Reciting ancient philosophers teaching ‘To thine own self be true’

Is to truly know,

As night follows day,

And day follows nights,

ONE cannot bare false witness to another,

As balanced power is in geometric formulations of homeostasis as strength,

Actioning ley lines of inquiry into the real centres of power,

Meridians are chi lines of energy matrices healing what is blocking supply,

For this is the clean energy restoring wellbeing as complimentary medicine is not dis-ease.


So my friends my motif is the wedge tail eagle,

It is not wedge politics,

It is the Bunjil silently speaking to those who deeply listen,

Remembering whoever seeks shall find,

For what one finds is rarely exactly what one hopes for,

The heath is the common wealth,

The real wealth is the journey that finds the pilgrim,

In search of the uni-verse-city of spiritual knowledge as the ONE song,

For enlightenment is not academic!

As above so below …. Is to know,

It is the realisation as intent unfurls degrees of freedom,

For this is a different approach towards knowledge my friends,

It is not about proscribed learning outcomes and balance sheets,

It is in the journey of learning the learning journey and this is not bureaucratic!

As my hand holds out to you this sacred scroll,

The words live in the intention for truth,

Reaching out to you in response,

It is the opening to new Agora’s of higher knowledge,

It is my journey of a thousand miles,

Which teaches you to walk in my moccasins,

To see through my eyes,

To realise empathy can only arise like the wedge tail eagle

on the thermals of a real climate of change,

For those homeless do not want coins,

They need real change,

As corruption drains the public purse,

And we must become the change-makers,

The rainmakers in desert storms,

The peace makers resolving abuse in cultural norms,

For making peace,

Is to graduate with honour,

Receiving recognition from Plato and Aristotle,

In Seeking Wisdom over wine,

From the sublime to the ridiculous,

To know only the truth sets you free,

To live in the humility,

Of freedom,

To learn the law of ONE.


Refer cosmology of Canberra

Here is an excerpt out of Harry Potter riding the Griffin.  May you overcome fear and fly.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”