Change Yourself to Change the World

People lament at the shape of the world. Well it is in the image of fear for many. In truth the world is pure love. It has nothing to do with human thought processes, although human thoughts shape the world through focusing on need, greed, and extracting what they can take from others, the world,… Continue reading

Inquiry – Terrorism and The Work

This is a transcript of an interview Byron Katie had with Deborah about the fear around 9/11.

This is another perspective on truth and living in the moment.  Byron Katie regards reality as what is happening now.  She says that how do you know you need something? you’ve got it, how do you… Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect of Peace

Here is a poem I wrote on the Butterfly Effect and the wikipedia explanation of what it means.




Is life chaotic or ordered?

Is it confusing or clear?

Uncontrollable or predictable?

Stable or unstable?

Under what conditions?


Is it the viewer or the object that changes?… Continue reading

What About the World Around Us? The Age of Reason?

This sound track is by the Australian singer John Farnham, it is called ‘The Age of Reason’.  I feel the rhythm of a higher call asking us to stop and reflect.   It is time to lift your head out of your books, your study, your computer and distractions and to turn your… Continue reading

McNamara: Lessons from War and Peace Perspectives


Robert McNamara in the previous blog featured in a documentary called the Fog of War depicting his recollections of pivotal wars in US history.  It appears to me to be an honest account and retrospectively drawing upon his own lessons that he learned from mistakes.  I feel from his experience he is… Continue reading

From the Blarney Stone to the Philosopher’s Stone

From the Blarney Stone to the Philosopher’s Stone

I am not your enemy,
I am not the other,
I am asking questions,
Freedom is the arrow that sends forth,
For we share this world together,
We are family,
No matter how you see yourself,
We came from the same root,
From the tree of life,… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”